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Osada, G.[Genki] Co Author Listing * Frequency-aware GAN for Adversarial Manipulation Generation
* Out-of-Distribution Detection with Reconstruction Error and Typicality-based Penalty
* Regularization with Latent Space Virtual Adversarial Training

Osada, K.[Kunio] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach to Detect Texts in Natural Scenes by Integration of a Connected-Component Method and a Sliding-Window Method, A
* Retrieval of Aerosol Components Using Multi-Wavelength Mie-Raman Lidar and Comparison with Ground Aerosol Sampling
Includes: Osada, K.[Kunio] Osada, K.[Kazuo]

Osada, M. Co Author Listing * Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar
* Three Dimensional Movement Analysis of Dynamic Line Images
* Tracking and Segmentation of Moving Objects in Dynamic Line Images

Osada, R. Co Author Listing * Matching 3D Models with Shape Distribution

Osadchiev, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Influence of the Coriolis Force on Spreading of River Plumes
* Internal Waves as a Source of Concentric Rings within Small River Plumes
* Large River Plumes Detection by Satellite Altimetry: Case Study of the Ob-Yenisei Plume
* Lateral Border of a Small River Plume: Salinity Structure, Instabilities and Mass Transport
* Mesoscale Eddies in the Black Sea and Their Impact on River Plumes: Numerical Modeling and Satellite Observations
* Mesoscale Eddy Chain Structures in the Black Sea and Their Interaction with River Plumes: Numerical Modeling and Satellite Observations
* Satellite-Based Evaluation of Submarine Permafrost Erosion at Shallow Offshore Areas in the Laptev Sea
* Spatial Structure, Short-temporal Variability, and Dynamical Features of Small River Plumes as Observed by Aerial Drones: Case Study of the Kodor and Bzyp River Plumes
* Wind-Driven Coastal Upwelling near Large River Deltas in the Laptev and East-Siberian Seas
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Osadchiev, A.A.[Alexander A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Observations Reveal Large-Amplitude Nonlinear Internal Waves in the Kara Gates, Arctic Ocean

Osadchy, M.[Margarita] Co Author Listing * Anti-Faces for Detection
* Anti-Sequences: Event Detection by Frame Stacking
* Antifaces: A Novel, Fast Method for Image Detection
* Efficient detection under varying illumination conditions and image plane rotations
* Hybrid Classifiers for Object Classification with a Rich Background
* Illumination invariant representation for privacy preserving face identification
* Image Detection Under Varying Illumination and Pose
* Incorporating the Boltzmann Prior in Object Detection Using SVM
* Loose shape model for discriminative learning of object categories
* On the Equivalence of Common Approaches to Lighting Insensitive Recognition
* Recognition Using Hybrid Classifiers
* Recognition Using Specular Highlights
* Rejection-Based Method for Event Detection in Video, A
* Restoring subsampled color images
* Surface Dependent Representations for Illumination Insensitive Image Comparison
* Synergistic Face Detection and Pose Estimation with Energy-Based Models
* Using specular highlights as pose invariant features for 2D-3D pose estimation
* Using specularities for recognition
* Using specularities in comparing 3D models and 2D images
* Whitening for Photometric Comparison of Smooth Surfaces under Varying Illumination
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Osadciw, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Decision-level fusion strategies for correlated biometric classifiers

Osadciw, L.A. Co Author Listing * adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm, An
* Evolutionary Algorithm Based Approach for Dynamic Thresholding in Multimodal Biometrics, An
Includes: Osadciw, L.A. Osadciw, L.A.[Lisa Ann]

Osadebey, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * clique potential of Markov random field in a random experiment for estimation of noise levels in 2D brain MRI, The
* Four-neighborhood clique kernel: A general framework for Bayesian and variational techniques of noise reduction in magnetic resonance images of the brain
* No-reference quality measure in brain MRI images using binary operations, texture and set analysis

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