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Orozco alzate, M.[Mauricio] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Volcanic Earthquakes in HMM-Induced Vector Spaces
* Bag Oversampling Approach for Class Imbalance in Multiple Instance Learning, A
* cheaper Rectified-Nearest-Feature-Line-Segment classifier based on safe points, A
* Classification of Seismic Volcanic Signals Using Hidden-Markov-Model-Based Generative Embeddings
* Classification of Volcano Events Observed by Multiple Seismic Stations
* Classifying Three-way Seismic Volcanic Data by Dissimilarity Representation
* Compact Representation of Multiscale Dissimilarity Data by Prototype Selection, A
* Comparison between Time-Frequency and Cepstral Feature Representations for the Classification of Seismic-Volcanic Signals, A
* Comparison of the nearest feature classifiers for face recognition
* Continuous Multi-way Shape Measure for Dissimilarity Representation
* Feature and Dissimilarity Representations for the Sound-Based Recognition of Bird Species
* generalization of dissimilarity representations using feature lines and feature planes, A
* Generalizing Dissimilarity Representations Using Feature Lines
* Improving Representation of the Positive Class in Imbalanced Multiple-Instance Learning
* Metric Learning in Dissimilarity Space for Improved Nearest Neighbor Performance
* On Using Asymmetry Information for Classification in Extended Dissimilarity Spaces
* PowerHC: non linear normalization of distances for advanced nearest neighbor classification
* Prototype Selection for Dissimilarity Representation by a Genetic Algorithm
* Relation, Transition and Comparison Between the Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Rule and the Hypersphere Classifier
* Spectral Characterization of Volcanic Earthquakes at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Using Spectral Band Selection/Extraction Techniques
* Threshold Estimation in Energy-Based Methods for Segmenting Birdsong Recordings
* Towards Cluster-Based Prototype Sets for Classification in the Dissimilarity Space
* Towards Scalable Prototype Selection by Genetic Algorithms with Fast Criteria
* Unsupervised Parameter Estimation of Non Linear Scaling for Improved Classification in the Dissimilarity Space
* Volcano-Seismic Events Classification Using Document Classification Strategies
Includes: Orozco alzate, M.[Mauricio] Orozco-alzate, M.[Mauricio] Orozco-Alzate, M.[Mauricio] Orozco-Alzate, M. Orozco Alzate, M.[Mauricio]
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Orozco Arroyave, J.R.[Juan R.] Co Author Listing * Improving Parkinson Detection using Dynamic Features from Evoked Expressions in Video
* Transfer learning helps to improve the accuracy to classify patients with different speech disorders in different languages
Includes: Orozco Arroyave, J.R.[Juan R.] Orozco-Arroyave, J.R.[Juan R.] Orozco-Arroyave, J.R.[Juan Rafael]

Orozco Barbosa, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Wi-Fi-Based Indoor Tracking Systems for Android-Based Smartphones
* Control Mechanisms for Error-Resilient MPEG-2 Video Communications over ATM Networks
* Fast Intra-Frame Prediction Algorithm for MPEG-2/H.264 Video Transcoders, A
* Fast MB Mode Decision Algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264 P-Frame Transcoding, A
* H.263 to H.264 Transconding using Data Mining
* Low-Complexity Heterogeneous Video Transcoding Using Data Mining
* MPEG-2 to H.264 Video Transcoder in the Baseline Profile, An
* Performance Evaluation of Cell Discarding Mechanisms for the Distribution of VBR MPEG-2 Video over ATM Networks
* Speeding-Up the Macroblock Partition Mode Decision in MPEG-2/H.264 Transcoding
Includes: Orozco Barbosa, L.[Luis] Orozco-Barbosa, L.[Luis] Orozco-Barbosa, L.
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Orozco Gutierrez, A. Co Author Listing * Emotion Assessment Using Adaptive Learning-Based Relevance Analysis
* Enhanced automatic twin support vector machine for imbalanced data classification
* Learning from multiple annotators using kernel alignment
* Sparse Hilbert Embedding-Based Statistical Inference of Stochastic Ecological Systems
* Video-Based Human Action Recognition Using Kernel Relevance Analysis
* Video-Based Social Behavior Recognition Based on Kernel Relevance Analysis
Includes: Orozco Gutierrez, A. Orozco-Gutierrez, A. Orozco-Gutierrez, Á.[Álvaro] Orozco-Gutiérrez, Á.[Álvaro]

Orozco Gutierrez, A.A. Co Author Listing * enhanced and interpretable feature representation approach to support shape classification from binary images, An
* Volume Rendering by Stochastic Neighbor Embedding-Based 2D Transfer Function Building
Includes: Orozco Gutierrez, A.A. Orozco-Gutierrez, A.A. Orozco-Gutierrez, Á.Á.[Álvaro-Ángel]

Orozco Lugo, A.G.[Aldo G.] Co Author Listing * Azimuth-Elevation Direction Finding With a Pair of Acoustic Vector Sensors in the Presence of a Reflecting Boundary
* Design of Unimodular Sequences With Good Autocorrelation and Good Complementary Autocorrelation Properties
* Joint I/Q imbalances estimation using data-dependent superimposed training
Includes: Orozco Lugo, A.G.[Aldo G.] Orozco-Lugo, A.G.[Aldo G.] Orozco-Lugo, A.G.

Orozco Monteagudo, M.[Maykel] Co Author Listing * Biologically Inspired Anomaly Detection in Pap-Smear Images
* Training of Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks by Using Cellular Genetic Algorithms
Includes: Orozco Monteagudo, M.[Maykel] Orozco-Monteagudo, M.[Maykel] Orozco-Monteagudo, M.

Orozco Morales, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Automated marker identification using the Radon transform for watershed segmentation
Includes: Orozco Morales, R.[Ruben] Orozco-Morales, R.[Rubén]

Orozco, A. Co Author Listing * Shape Classification Using Hilbert Space Embeddings and Kernel Adaptive Filtering

Orozco, A.A.[Alvaro A.] Co Author Listing * 3D Probabilistic Morphable Models for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Abnormal Behavioral Patterns Detection from Activity Records of Institutionalized Older Adults
* Analysis of the Geometry and Electric Properties of Brain Tissue in Simulation Models for Deep Brain Stimulation
* Automatic Peripheral Nerve Segmentation in Presence of Multiple Annotators
* Automatic Recognition of Microcalcifications in Mammography Images through Fractal Texture Analysis
* Bayesian Optimization for Fitting 3D Morphable Models of Brain Structures
* Bayesian Shape Models with Shape Priors for MRI Brain Segmentation
* Clustering-Based Undersampling to Support Automatic Detection of Focal Cortical Dysplasias
* Convolved Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Definition and Composition of Motor Primitives Using Latent Force Models and Hidden Markov Models
* Discriminative Training for Convolved Multiple-Output Gaussian Processes
* Driving Fatigue Detection Using Active Shape Models
* Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using Generalized Time Warping and Deep Belief Networks
* Emotion Assessment by Variability-Based Ranking of Coherence Features from EEG
* Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Emotion Recognition
* Gaussian Process Emulator for Estimating the Volume of Tissue Activated During Deep Brain Stimulation, A
* Gaussian Processes for Slice-Based Super-Resolution MR Images
* Generalized Wishart Processes for Interpolation Over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Global and Local Gaussian Process for Multioutput and Treed Data
* Groupwise Shape Correspondences on 3D Brain Structures Using Probabilistic Latent Variable Models
* Hierarchical K-Nearest Neighbor Approach for Volume of Tissue Activated Estimation, A
* Improving Diffusion Tensor Estimation Using Adaptive and Optimized Filtering Based on Local Similarity
* Indian Buffet Process for Model Selection in Latent Force Models
* Information-Based Cost Function for a Bayesian MRI Segmentation Framework
* Kernel Centered Alignment Supervised Metric for Multi-Atlas Segmentation
* Kernel-Based Approach for DBS Parameter Estimation, A
* Kernelized Morphable Model for 3D Brain Tumor Analysis, A
* Magnetic Resonance Image Selection for Multi-Atlas Segmentation Using Mixture Models
* Nerve Structure Segmentation from Ultrasound Images Using Random Under-Sampling and an SVM Classifier
* NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease
* Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
* Non-stationary Generalized Wishart Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Non-stationary Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Parzen-Based Distance Between Probability Measures as an Alternative of Summary Statistics in Approximate Bayesian Computation, A
* Peripheral Nerve Segmentation Using Speckle Removal and Bayesian Shape Models
* Peripheral Nerves Segmentation in Ultrasound Images Using Non-linear Wavelets and Gaussian Processes
* Sparse Linear Models Applied to Power Quality Disturbance Classification
* Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Ultrasound Images from Multiple Annotators Knowledge
* Spatial-Dependent Similarity Metric Supporting Multi-atlas MRI Segmentation
Includes: Orozco, A.A.[Alvaro A.] Orozco, Á.A.[Álvaro A.] Orozco, Á.Á.[Álvaro Ángel] Orozco, Á.Á.[Álvaro Á.] Orozco, A.A.[Alvaro-Angel] Orozco, A.A.
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Orozco, A.L.S.[Ana Lucila Sandoval] Co Author Listing * Analysis of MP4 Videos in 5G Using SDN
* Digital Video Manipulation Detection Technique Based on Compression Algorithms
* Smartphone image acquisition forensics using sensor fingerprint
Includes: Orozco, A.L.S.[Ana Lucila Sandoval] Orozco, A.L.S.[A.L. Sandoval]

Orozco, C.V.[Carmen Vega] Co Author Listing * Cluster recognition in spatial-temporal sequences: The case of forest fires

Orozco, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * action selection process to simulate the human behavior in virtual humans with real personality, An
Includes: Orozco, H.[Hector] Orozco, H.[Héctor]

Orozco, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Automatic face and facial features initialization for robust and accurate tracking
* Behavioral cues help predict impact of advertising on future sales
* Combined Head, Lips, Eyebrows, and Eyelids Tracking Using Adaptive Appearance Models
* Confidence assessment on eyelid and eyebrow expression recognition
* Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Gaze Tracking in Real-Time
* Empirical analysis of cascade deformable models for multi-view face detection
* Head Pose Classification in Crowded Scenes
* Hierarchical Eyelid and Face Tracking
* Hierarchical On-line Appearance-Based Tracking for 3D head pose, eyebrows, lips, eyelids and irises
* Real time 3D face and facial feature tracking
* Real-time gaze tracking with appearance-based models
Includes: Orozco, J.[Javier] Orozco, J.
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Orozko, O.R.[Odei Rey] Co Author Listing * Online Learning of Stochastic Bi-automaton to Model Dialogues

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