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Orki, O.[Omer] Co Author Listing * Human Driving Centered Gain Scheduling Control of Mixed Platoons

Orkisz, M.[Maciej] Co Author Listing * Airway Segmentation, Skeletonization, and Tree Matching to Improve Registration of 3D CT Images with Large Opacities in the Lungs
* Airway-Tree Segmentation in Subjects with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
* Algorithm for Blood-Vessel Segmentation in 3D Images Based on a Right Generalized Cylinder Model: Application to Carotid Arteries
* Attempts to Bronchial Tumor Motion Tracking in Portal Images during Conformal Radiotherapy Treatment
* Can the Coronary Artery Centerline Extraction in Computed Tomography Images Be Improved by Use of a Partial Volume Model?
* CreaTools: A Framework to Develop Medical Image Processing Software: Application to Simulate Pipeline Stent Deployment in Intracranial Vessels with Aneurysms
* Dynamic Active Contour Model for Size Independent Blood Vessel Lumen Segmentation and Quantification in High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Images
* Extraction of 3D Vascular Tree Skeletons Based on the Analysis of Connected Components Evolution
* Fast Lesion Registration to Assist Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis in CTA Images, A
* Feature Selection for SVM-Based Vascular Anomaly Detection
* Modular Workflow Architecture for Coronary Centerline Extraction in Computed Tomography Angiography Data, A
* Real-time target tracking applied to improve fragmentation of renal stones in extra-corporeal lithotripsy
* Segmentation and Quantification of Blood Vessels in 3D Images using a Right Generalized Cylinder State Model
* Software for CT-image Analysis to Assist the Choice of Mechanical-ventilation Settings in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Includes: Orkisz, M.[Maciej] Orkisz, M.
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