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Orchard, G. Co Author Listing * Bioinspired Visual Motion Estimation
* DART: Distribution Aware Retinal Transform for Event-Based Cameras
* e-TLD: Event-Based Framework for Dynamic Object Tracking
* Event-Based Vision: A Survey
* HFirst: A Temporal Approach to Object Recognition
* HOTS: A Hierarchy of Event-Based Time-Surfaces for Pattern Recognition
Includes: Orchard, G. Orchard, G.[Garrick]

Orchard, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * discrete orthonormal Stockwell transform for image restoration, The
* Efficient FFT-Accelerated Approach to Invariant Optical-LIDAR Registration
* Efficient Global Weighted Least-Squares Translation Registration in the Frequency Domain
* Efficient Least Squares Multimodal Registration With a Globally Exhaustive Alignment Search
* Efficient nonlocal-means denoising using the SVD
* Globally Optimal Multimodal Rigid Registration: An Analytic Solution using Edge Information
* Image Deformation Using Velocity Fields: An Exact Solution
* nonlocal-means approach to exemplar-based inpainting, A
* Registering a Multi-Sensor Ensemble of Images
* Simultaneous registration and activation detection for fMRI
Includes: Orchard, J.[Jeff] Orchard, J.
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Orchard, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Fast Face Detection using Subspace Discriminant Wavelet Features
* Improving battery voltage prediction in an electric bicycle using altitude measurements and kernel adaptive filters
* On Modeling Location Uncertainty in Images
* Wavelet Domain Image Interpolation Via Statistical Estimation
Includes: Orchard, M.[Michael] Orchard, M.[Marcos] Orchard, M.

Orchard, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Edge Location Identification Based on Location-Directed Image Modeling
* adaptive edge model in the wavelet domain for wavelet image coding, An
* Backward motion compensation for interlaced HDTV
* Coding of Motion Compensation Residuals Using Edge Information
* Comparative Study of DCT- and Wavelet-Based Image Coding, A
* Deblocking Algorithm for JPEG Compressed Images Using Overcomplete Wavelet Representations, A
* Edge-directed prediction for lossless compression of natural images
* fast direct fourier-based algorithm for subpixel registration of images, A
* Gradient-Based Residual Variance Modeling and Its Applications to Motion-Compensated Video Coding
* Image Coding Based on a Morphological Representation of Wavelet Data
* Image Inpainting Based on Geometrical Modeling of Complex Wavelet Coefficients
* Interframe coding of magnetic resonance images
* Interslice coding of magnetic resonance images using deformable triangular patches
* Inverse Halftoning Using Wavelets
* Investigation of Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using an Entropy-Constrained Quantization Framework, An
* Joint Application of Overlapped Block Motion Compensation and Loop Filtering for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Joint Space-Frequency Segmentation Using Balanced Wavelet Packet Trees for Least-Cost Image Representation
* Location-Directed Image Modeling and its Application to Image Interpolation
* Methods of reduced-complexity overlapped block motion compensation
* Motion Field Modeling for Video Sequences
* Motion Optimization of Ordered Blocks for Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* Motion-only video compression
* Multi-resolution backward video coding
* Multiple Description Coding for Video Using Motion Compensated Prediction
* Multiple description coding using pairwise correlating transforms
* Multiple Description Coding Using Trellis Coded Quantization
* Multiple Description Video Using Rate-distortion Splitting
* Multiple-Description Video Coding Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Prediction
* New edge-directed interpolation
* Nonlinear modeling of wavelet coefficients around edges
* Novel sequential error-concealment techniques using orientation adaptive interpolation
* On implementing transforms from integers to integers
* On interframe coding models for volumetric medical data
* Optimal pairwise correlating transforms for multiple description coding
* Optimal supports for linear predictive models
* Optimized Nonorthogonal Transforms for Image Compression
* Overlapped block motion compensation: an estimation-theoretic approach
* parametric solution for optimal overlapped block motion compensation, A
* Prediction of Second-Order Statistics in Motion-Compensated Video Coding
* Predictive motion-field segmentation for image sequence coding
* Redundancy Rate-Distortion Analysis of Multiple Description Coding Using Pairwise Correlating Transforms
* Removal of Motion Uncertainty and Quantization Noise in Motion Compensation
* Space-frequency quantization for a space-varying wavelet packet image coder
* Space-Frequency Quantization for Wavelet Image-Coding
* Spatially Adaptive Image Denoising Under Overcomplete Expansion
* Special Issue on Recent Development in Video: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications: Introduction
* Spherical Coding Algorithm for Wavelet Image Compression
* Synthesizing processed video by filtering temporal relationships
* Using MATLAB and C in an image processing lab course
* Wavelet based image coding via morphological prediction of significance
* Wavelet Image Coding Using the Spherical Representation
* Wavelet Packet Image-Coding Using Space-Frequency Quantization
* Wavelet packets-based image coding using joint space-frequency quantization
* When Spatially-Variant Filtering Meets Low-Rank Regularization: Exploiting Non-Local Similarity for Single Image Interpolation
Includes: Orchard, M.T.[Michael T.] Orchard, M.T.
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Orchard, S.[Shane] Co Author Listing * Missing the Forest and the Trees: Utility, Limits and Caveats for Drone Imaging of Coastal Marine Ecosystems

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