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Ooi, B.C.[Beng Chin] Co Author Listing * BoostMIS: Boosting Medical Image Semi-supervised Learning with Adaptive Pseudo Labeling and Informative Active Annotation

Ooi, C.H.[Chen Hee] Co Author Listing * new histogram equalization method for digital image enhancement and brightness preservation, A

Ooi, C.P.[Chee Pun] Co Author Listing * Violence Recognition Using Harmonic Mean of Distances and Relational Velocity with K-Nearest Neighbour Classifier

Ooi, C.S. Co Author Listing * Combined Rule-Based Machine Learning Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition Approach, A

Ooi, H.L.[Hui Lee] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking in Urban Traffic Scenes with a Multiclass Object Detector
* Supervised and Unsupervised Detections for Multiple Object Tracking in Traffic Scenes: A Comparative Study
* Tracking in Urban Traffic Scenes from Background Subtraction and Object Detection
Includes: Ooi, H.L.[Hui Lee] Ooi, H.L.[Hui-Lee]

Ooi, J.Y.L.[Jodene Yen Ling] Co Author Listing * DengueViz: A Knowledge-Based Expert System Integrated with Parallel Coordinates Visualization in the Dengue Diagnosis

Ooi, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * Autonomous In-Situ Soundscape Augmentation via Joint Selection of Masker and Gain
* Fast Adaptive Active Noise Control Based on Modified Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning Algorithm
* Method and device for handwritten letter recognition
* Stroke Re-Ordering Algorithm for On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition
Includes: Ooi, K.[Kenneth] Ooi, K. Ooi, K.[Katsunori]

Ooi, M.C.G.[Maggie Chel Gee] Co Author Listing * Analyses of a Lake Dust Source in the Middle East through Models Performance
* Analyzing Canopy Height Patterns and Environmental Landscape Drivers in Tropical Forests Using NASA's GEDI Spaceborne LiDAR

Ooi, M.P.L.[Melanie Po Leen] Co Author Listing * Multivariate alternating decision trees
* Sparse alternating decision tree
Includes: Ooi, M.P.L.[Melanie Po Leen] Ooi, M.P.L.[Melanie Po-Leen]

Ooi, R. Co Author Listing * Pixel Independent Random Access Image Sensor for Real Time Image-based Rendering System
* Real-Time Image Processing by Using Image Compression Sensor
Includes: Ooi, R. Ooi, R.[Ryutaro]

Ooi, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Touch-Stroke Dynamics Authentication Using Temporal Regression Forest

Ooi, W.T.[Wei Tsang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive encoding of zoomable video streams based on user access pattern
* Integrated Optimization of Video Server Resource and Streaming Quality Over Best-Effort Network
* Modeling 3D synthetic view dissimilarity
* Multi-Camera Video Scene Graphs for Surveillance Videos Indexing and Retrieval
* Neurite Tracing With Object Process
* Quantitative Comparison of Point Cloud Compression Algorithms With PCC Arena
* Reconstructing neuronal morphology from microscopy stacks using fast marching
* Sprite tree: an efficient image-based representation for networked virtual environments
* What does computer vision say about face reading?
Includes: Ooi, W.T.[Wei Tsang] Ooi, W.T.
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Ooi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Co Author Listing * Scene-Adaptive 1-Pass Variable Bit Rate Video Coding Method for Storage Media, A
* Video coding by adaptively controlling the interval between successive predictive-coded frames according to magnitude of motion
Includes: Ooi, Y.S.[Yasu Shi] Ooi, Y.S.[Yasu-Shi]

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