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Ohya, H.[Hayato] Co Author Listing * Affective Music Recommendation System Based on the Mood of Input Video
* form dropout method based on line-elimination and image-subtraction, A
Includes: Ohya, H.[Hayato] Ohya, H.

Ohya, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Human Motion Tracking Using Non-synchronous Multiple Viewpoint Observations
* Affine Coordinate Based Algorithm for Reprojecting the Human Face for Identification Tasks, An
* Analyzing Video Sequences of Multiple Humans: Tracking, Posture Estimation and Behavior Recognition
* Automatic Extraction and Tracking of Contours
* Automatic fetal face detection by locating fetal facial features from 3D ultrasound images for navigating fetoscopic tracheal occlusion surgeries
* Dense, Time-varying Range Data Acquisition from Stereo Pairs of Thermal and Intensity Images
* Detecting Facial Expressions from Face Images Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Elliptical Object Detection by a Modified RANSAC with Sampling Constraint from Boundary Curves' Clustering
* EM-in-M: Analyze and Synthesize Emotion in Motion
* Estimating complicated and overlapped human body postures by wearing a multiple-colored suit using color information processing
* Extracting and Interpreting Unknown Factors with Classifier for Foot Strike Types in Running
* Face posture estimation using eigen analysis on an IBR (image based rendered) database
* Fingertips Tracking Algorithm for Guitarist Based on Temporal Grouping and Pattern Analysis
* Generating Virtual Environments for Human Communications: Virtual Metamorphosis System and Novel View Generation
* Geometric-Imprints: A Significant Points Extraction Method for the Scan&Track Virtual Environment
* Hand Image Segmentation Using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* Human Body Postures from Trinocular Camera Images
* Human Face Structure Estimation from Multiple Images Using the 2D Affine Space
* Human Posture Estimation from Multiple Images Using Genetic Algorithm
* Image Segmentation for Human Tracking using Sequential-Image-Based Hierarchical Adaptation
* improved Kernel-based Fuzzy C-means Algorithm with spatial information for brain MR image segmentation, An
* Multiple-Hand-Gesture Tracking Using Multiple Cameras
* Multiple-Human Tracking Using Multiple Cameras
* Multiple-View-Based Tracking of Multiple Humans
* New Camera Projection Model and its Application in Reprojection for Image Based Rendering, A
* New Method for Acquiring Time-Sequential Range Images by Integrating Stereo Pairs of Thermal and Intensity Images, A
* New Robust Real-Time Method for Extracting Human Silhouettes from Color Images
* Novel scene generation, merging and stitching views using the 2D affine space
* Real-time Detection of Nodding and Head-shaking by Directly Detecting and Tracking the Between-eyes
* Real-time Estimation of Head Motion Using Weak Perspective Epipolar Geometry
* Real-Time Estimation of Human Body Posture from Monocular Thermal Images
* Real-Time Human Posture Estimation Using Monocular Thermal Images
* Real-Time Stereo by using Dynamic Programming
* Real-time, 3D Estimation of Human Body Postures from Trinocular Images
* Realistic 3D facial animation using parameter-based deformation and texture remapping
* Recognizing Abruptly Changing Facial Expressions from Time-Sequential Face Images
* Recognizing Characters in Scene Images
* Recognizing human action in time-sequential images using hidden Markov model
* Recognizing Multiple Persons' Facial Expressions Using HMM Based on Automatic Extraction of Significant Frames from Image Sequences
* Recovery of Hierarchical Part Structure of 3D Shape from Range Image
* Relaxational Extracting Method for Character Recognition in Scene Images, A
* Remarks on a Real-time 3d Human Body Posture Estimation Method Using Trinocular Images
* Smoothed Local Generalized Cones: An Axial Representation of 3D Shapes
* Spatial Filtering Using the Active-Space Indexing Method
* Spotting Segments Displaying Facial Expression from Image Sequences Using HMM
Includes: Ohya, J.[Jun] Ohya, J.
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Ohya, M. Co Author Listing * Face and Hand Gesture Recognition for Human-computer Interaction
* Focus of attention for face and hand gesture recognition using multiple cameras
* Media Information Processing in Documents: Generation of Manuals of Mechanical Parts Assembling

Ohya, T. Co Author Listing * Real Time H.263 Video Codec Using Parallel DSP

Ohya, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Natural Color Reproduction System for Telemedicine and Its Application to Digital Camera

Ohyama, H.[Hirofumi] Co Author Listing * Bias Correction of the Ratio of Total Column CH4 to CO2 Retrieved from GOSAT Spectra
* Evaluation of Bias Correction Methods for GOSAT SWIR XH2O Using TCCON data
* Intercomparison of XH2O Data from the GOSAT TANSO-FTS (TIR and SWIR) and Ground-Based FTS Measurements: Impact of the Spatial Variability of XH2O on the Intercomparison
* Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors
* New Fractal Image Coding Scheme Employing Blocks of Variable Shapes, A
* Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment
* Validation of Carbon Trace Gas Profile Retrievals from the NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System for the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder
Includes: Ohyama, H.[Hirofumi] Ohyama, H.
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Ohyama, K. Co Author Listing * all-ASIC implementation of a low bit-rate video codec, An

Ohyama, M. Co Author Listing * Web Browsing System by Eye-Gaze Input, A

Ohyama, N.[Nagaaki] Co Author Listing * Class-based spectral reconstruction based on unmixing of low-resolution spectral information
* Detection of Increasing Profusion of Opacities from a Sequence of Personal Chest Radiographs
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Pattern Sizes
* Multispectral Image Retrieval Using Vector Quantization
* Natural Color Reproduction System for Telemedicine and Its Application to Digital Camera
* Proposal of Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction Method Based on a Fast Block-Iterative Algorithm, A
Includes: Ohyama, N.[Nagaaki] Ohyama, N.

Ohyama, S.[Shogo] Co Author Listing * Reversible data hiding of full color JPEG2000 compressed bit-stream preserving bit-depth information

Ohyama, T.[Takaya] Co Author Listing * Tracking a robot and visitors in a museum using sensor poles

Ohyama, W. Co Author Listing * Accuracy improvement of handwritten numeral recognition by mirror image learning
* Accuracy Improvement of Viewpoint-Free Scene Character Recognition by Rotation Angle Estimation
* Automatic Assembling of Cadastral Maps Based on Generalized Hough Transformation
* Automatic Chinese Text Classification Using Character-Based and Word-Based Approach
* Automatic Detection of Facial Midline And Its Contributions to Facial Feature Extraction
* Automatic extraction and recognition of shoe logos with a wide variety of appearance
* Automatic grading prototype system for KANJI dictation test
* Automatic Left Ventricular Endocardium Detection in Echocardiograms Based on Ternary Thresholding Method
* Automatic tracking of local myocardial motion by correlation weighted velocity method
* Clustering with projection distance and pseudo Bayes discriminant function for handwritten numeral recognition
* Combination of Signature Verification Techniques by SVM
* Comparative study on mirror image learning (MIL) and GLVQ
* comparative study on mirror image learning and ALSM, A
* Detection of eyes by circular Hough transform and histogram of gradient
* Efficient estimation of character normal direction for Camera-based OCR
* Efficient three dimensional rotation estimation for camera-based OCR
* Extraction and Recognition of Shoe Logos with a Wide Variety of Appearance Using Two-Stage Classifiers
* Facial features extraction by accelerated implementation of circular hough transform and appearance evaluation
* ICDAR 2013 Competitions on Signature Verification and Writer Identification for On- and Offline Skilled Forgeries (SigWiComp 2013)
* Impact of OCR Accuracy and Feature Transformation on Automatic Text Classification, The
* Impact of OCR Errors on Automated Classification of OCR Japanese Texts with Parts-of-Speech Analysis, An
* Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Combined Segmentation Verification Approach
* Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Segmentation-Verification
* Improvement of On-line Signature Verification Based on Gradient Features
* Improving Accuracy of Printed Character Recognition Using Hexagonal Zoning of Directional Histogram Feature
* Mirror image learning for autoassociative neural networks
* Multilingual signature-verification by generalized combined segmentation verification
* Performance Improvement of Dot-Matrix Character Recognition by Variation Model Based Learning
* Recognition and transition frame detection of Arabic news captions for video retrieval
* Rotated face recognition by manifold learning with auto-associative neural network
* Study on Automatic Chinese Text Classification, A
* study on three dimensional rotation-free character recognition and rotation angle estimation of characters, A
* Three Dimensional Rotation-Free Recognition of Characters
Includes: Ohyama, W. Ohyama, W.[Wataru]
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