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Niina, Y. Co Author Listing * Plausible Reconstruction of An Approximated Mesh Model for Next-best View Planning of SFM-MVS
* Quality Prediction of Dense Points Generated By Structure From Motion For High-quality and Efficient As-is Model Reconstruction
* Self-Organized Model Fitting Method for Railway Structures Monitoring Using LiDAR Point Cloud
Includes: Niina, Y. Niina, Y.[Yasuhito]

Niini, I.[Ilkka] Co Author Listing * On the Calibration of Mapvision 4D system
* Verification of the Accuracy of a Real-time Optical 3D-Measuring System on Production Line

Niinimaki, K.[Kati] Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Parameter Choice Method for Total Variation Regularized Tomography
Includes: Niinimaki, K.[Kati] Niinimäki, K.[Kati] (Maybe also Niinimaeki, K.)

Niinuma, K.[Koichiro] Co Author Listing * CoNFies: Controllable Neural Face Avatars
* Difference sphere: An approach to near light source estimation
* Synthetic Expressions are Better Than Real for Learning to Detect Facial Actions
* Visually explaining 3D-CNN predictions for video classification with an adaptive occlusion sensitivity analysis

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