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Nefian, A.[Ara] Co Author Listing * Automatic Crater Detection Using Convex Grouping and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Crater Detection Using Unsupervised Algorithms and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Experimental Evaluation of Different Features and Nodal Costs for Horizon Line Detection, An
* Horizon line detection using supervised learning and edge cues
* LIDAR to image coregistration on orbital data
* Machine Learning Approach to Horizon Line Detection Using Local Features, A
* On Crater Verification Using Mislocalized Crater Regions
* Outlier Removal in Stereo Reconstruction of Orbital Images
* Student's t robust bundle adjustment algorithm
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Nefian, A.V.[Ara V.] Co Author Listing * 3D Lunar Terrain Reconstruction from Apollo Images
* audio-visual speaker identification using coupled hidden Markov models, A
* bavesian formulation for 3d articulated upper body segmentation and tracking from dense disparity maps, A
* Bayesian Approach to Audio-Visual Speaker Identification, A
* bayesian formulation for sub-pixel refinement in stereo orbital imagery, A
* Detection of Drivable Corridors for Off-Road Autonomous Navigation
* Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Face detection and recognition using hidden Markov models
* Face recognition based on multi-class mapping of Fisher scores
* Face Recognition Using an Embedded HMM
* Horizon based orientation estimation for planetary surface navigation
* Lunar Image Classification for Terrain Detection
* Lunar Terrain and Albedo Reconstruction of the Apollo 15 Zone
* Maximum Likelihood Training of the Embedded HMM for Face Detection and Recognition
* Orthographic Stereo Correlator on the Terrain Model for Apollo Metric Images
* Photogrammetric Processing Of Apollo 15 Metric Camera Oblique Images
* Photometric Lunar surface reconstruction
* Photometric Recovery of Ortho-Images Derived from Apollo 15 Metric Camera Imagery
* Planetary rover localization within orbital maps
* Robust Mosaicking of Stereo Digital Elevation Models from the Ames Stereo Pipeline
* Statistical Upper Body Model for 3d Static and Dynamic Gesture Recognition from Stereo Sequences, A
Includes: Nefian, A.V.[Ara V.] Nefian, A.V.
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