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Nebiker, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Automated 3D Road Sign Mapping with Stereovision-based Mobile Mapping exploiting Depth Information from Dense Stereo Matching
* Automated 3d Road Sign Mapping With Stereovision-based Mobile Mapping Exploiting Disparity Information From Dense Stereo Matching
* Automatic Extraction adn Structuring of Objects form Scanned Topographic Maps: An Alternative to the Extraction from Aerial and Space Images?
* Benchmarking High Density Image Matching for Oblique Airborne Imagery
* Building Change Detection from Historical Aerial Photographs Using Dense Image Matching and Object-Based Image Analysis
* Cloud-Based Geospatial 3D Image Spaces: A Powerful Urban Model for the Smart City
* Configuration and Simulation Tool for 360-degree Stereo Camera Rig
* From Historical City Models to Interactive 3D GIS Requirements and Approaches Using the Example of the City of Solothurn
* Fusion of Airborne and Terrestrial Image-based 3D Modelling for Road Infrastructure Management: Vision and First Experiments
* Geometry and Colour Based Classification of Urban Point Cloud Scenes Using a Supervised Self-Organizing Map
* Image Sequence Processing in Stereovision Mobile Mapping: Steps towards Robust and Accurate Monoscopic 3D Measurements and Image-Based Georeferencing
* Image-based Orientation Determination of Mobile Sensor Platforms
* Implementation and First Evaluation of An Indoor Mapping Application Using Smartphones and AR Frameworks
* Integrated Georeferencing Of Stereo Image Sequences Captured With A Stereovision Mobile Mapping System: Approaches And Practical Results
* Large Scale Constraint Delaunay Triangulation for Virtual Globe Rendering
* Light-weight Multispectral UAV Sensors And Their Capabilities For Predicting Grain Yield And Detecting Plant Diseases
* Open Urban and Forest Datasets From a High-performance Mobile Mapping Backpack: A Contribution for Advancing the Creation of Digital City Twins
* Openwebglobe: An Open Source SDK for Creating Large-Scale Virtual Globes on a WEBGL Basis
* Outdoor Mobile Mapping and AI-Based 3D Object Detection with Low-Cost RGB-D Cameras: The Use Case of On-Street Parking Statistics
* Stereovision Mobile Mapping: System Design and Performance Evaluation
* Systematic Comparison Of Direct And Image-based Georeferencing In Challenging Urban Areas, A
Includes: Nebiker, S.[Stephan] Nebiker, S.
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