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Nace, D.[Dritan] Co Author Listing * Chance-Constrained Flight Level Assignment Problem

Nacer, S. Co Author Listing * Semi-Blind Source Separation for Estimation of Clay Content Over Semi-Vegetated Areas, from VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Airborne Data

Nacereddine, N.[Nafaa] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Generalized Gaussian Mixture Models and EM Algorithm for Image Segmentation
* Bayesian Networks-Based Defects Classes Discrimination in Weld Radiographic Images
* Head Pose Classification Using a Bidimensional Correlation Filter
* Local and Global Statistics-Based Explicit Active Contour for Weld Defect Extraction in Radiographic Inspection
* novel correlation filter based on variational calculus, A
* Object Recognition Using Radon Transform-Based RST Parameter Estimation
* Scale space Radon transform
* Scale Space Radon Transform for Non Overlapping Thick Ellipses Detection
* Shape-Based Image Retrieval Using a New Descriptor Based on the Radon and Wavelet Transforms
* Similarity transformation parameters recovery based on Radon transform. Application in image registration and object recognition
* Spatially Varying Weighting Function-Based Global and Local Statistical Active Contours. Application to X-Ray Images
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Naceredine, N.[Nafaa] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Pressure Snake for Weld Defect Detection

Naceur, M.S. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Physical Parameters Of A Multilayered Multi-scale Vegetated Surface
* High and low-level hierarchical classification as an efficient analysis of remotely sensed hyperpectral data
* New biometric approach based on geometrical humain brain patterns recognition: Some preliminary results
* new classification approach based on source separation and feature extraction, A
* New Sparse Source Separation-Based Classification Approach, A
* Perceptron nonlinear blind source separation for feature extraction and image classification
* Reinforcement learning for neural architecture search: A review
* Using brain prints as new biometric feature for human recognition
Includes: Naceur, M.S. Naceur, M.S.[Mohamed Saber]
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