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Mouta, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Best of Two Worlds: Combining Classifier Fusion and Ecological Models to Map and Explain Landscape Invasion by an Alien Shrub, The
* Sentinel-2 Time Series and Classifier Fusion to Map an Aquatic Invasive Plant Species along a River: The Case of Water-Hyacinth

Moutafidou, A. Co Author Listing * Realistic Rendering of Material Aging for Artwork Objects

Moutafis, P.[Panagiotis] Co Author Listing * Efficient Group K Nearest-Neighbor Spatial Query Processing in Apache Spark
* Joint prototype and metric learning for image set classification: Application to video face identification
* Regression-based metric learning

Moutahir, H.[Hassane] Co Author Listing * Mapping Winter Crops in China with Multi-Source Satellite Imagery and Phenology-Based Algorithm

Moutal, N. Co Author Listing * Probing Surface-to-Volume Ratio of an Anisotropic Medium by Diffusion NMR with General Gradient Encoding

Moutarde, F. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Hand Gesture Recognition on Skeletal Data
* End-to-End Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Urban Driving Using Implicit Affordances
* Interest points harvesting in video sequences for efficient person identification
* Person re-identification in multi-camera system by signature based on interest point descriptors collected on short video sequences
* Real-time Gestural Control of Robot Manipulator Through Deep Learning Human-pose Inference
* Statistical traffic state analysis in large-scale transportation networks using locality-preserving non-negative matrix factorisation
* TrouSPI-Net: Spatio-temporal attention on parallel atrous convolutions and U-GRUs for skeletal pedestrian crossing prediction
Includes: Moutarde, F. Moutarde, F.[Fabien]
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Moutet, K. Co Author Listing * Video summarization of surveillance cameras

Moutier, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Climate Monitoring SAF Outgoing Longwave Radiation from AVHRR, The
* Evaluation of Chlorophyll-a and POC MODIS Aqua Products in the Southern Ocean

Moutinho Pereira, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Efficiency of Foliar Kaolin Spray Assessed through UAV-Based Thermal Infrared Imagery, The
Includes: Moutinho Pereira, J.[Jose] Moutinho-Pereira, J.[Josť]

Moutinho, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Obstacles in Railway Tracks Using Monocular Camera

Moutinho, F.[Filipe] Co Author Listing * How to Build a 2D and 3D Aerial Multispectral Map?: All Steps Deeply Explained
* Static and Dynamic Algorithms for Terrain Classification in UAV Aerial Imagery

Moutinho, J. Co Author Listing * Towards breast ultrasound image segmentation using multi-resolution pixel descriptors

Moutinho, O.F. Co Author Listing * Pole Photogrammetry With An Action Camera For Fast And Accurate Surface Mapping

Moutogianni, E.[Ekaterina] Co Author Listing * Using MPEG-7 at the Consumer Terminal in Broadcasting

Mouton, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * 3D object classification in baggage computed tomography imagery using randomised clustering forests
* distance driven method for metal artefact reduction in computed tomography, A
* Fully automatic 3D Threat Image Projection: Application to densely cluttered 3D Computed Tomography baggage images
* Materials-based 3D segmentation of unknown objects from dual-energy computed tomography imagery in baggage security screening
* novel intensity limiting approach to Metal Artefact Reduction in 3D CT baggage imagery, A
* Object classification in 3D baggage security computed tomography imagery using visual codebooks
Includes: Mouton, A.[Andre] Mouton, A.

Mouton, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * Modular Workflow Architecture for Coronary Centerline Extraction in Computed Tomography Angiography Data, A

Mouton, P.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic quantification and classification of cervical cancer via Adaptive Nucleus Shape Modeling

Moutselos, K. Co Author Listing * Superpixel-Based Classification of Occlusal Caries Photography

Mouttaki, N. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Distribution with Route Restriction Constraint Due to Traffic Jams

Moutzouris, A.[Alexandros] Co Author Listing * Efficient tracking of human poses using a manifold hierarchy
* Human pose tracking by Hierarchical Manifold Searching
* Human pose tracking in low dimensional space enhanced by limb correction

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