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Marmain, J. Co Author Listing * Empirical Forecasting of HF-Radar Velocity Using Genetic Algorithms

Marman, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * Information Value Driven Architecture for Urban Video Surveillance in Data and Attention Bandwidth Constrained Environments, An

Marmanis, D. Co Author Listing * Classification with an edge: Improving semantic image segmentation with boundary detection
* Roof Type Selection Based On Patch-based Classification Using Deep Learning for High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Marmarelis, V.Z.[Vasilis Z.] Co Author Listing * Image fusion methodology for efficient interpretation of multiband images in 3D high-resolution ultrasonic transmission tomography
* Segmentation Methodology for Automated Classification and Differentiation of Soft Tissues in Multiband Images of High-Resolution Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography
* Soft Tissue Differentiation Using Multiband Signatures of High Resolution Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography
Includes: Marmarelis, V.Z.[Vasilis Z.] Marmarelis, V.Z.

Marmaroli, P. Co Author Listing * Observation of Vehicle Axles Through Pass-by Noise: A Strategy of Microphone Array Design

Marmin, A. Co Author Listing * Global Optimization for Recovery of Clipped Signals Corrupted With Poisson-Gaussian Noise

Marmitt, G.[Gerd] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Ray-Voxel Intersection Techniques for Iso-Surface Ray Tracing

Marmo, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Road Sign Passo-Carrabile
* License Plate Detection and Character Recognition
* Microfossils shape classification using a set of width values
* Operational Risk Visualization
* Rectangular Traffic Sign Recognition
* Video Surveillance and SOS Request

Marmoiton, F. Co Author Listing * Hardware, Design and Implementation Issues on a FPGA-Based Smart Camera
* Transform image coding with global thresholding: Application to baseline JPEG
* Wavelet image coding with adaptive dead-zone selection: application to jpeg2000
Includes: Marmoiton, F. Marmoiton, F.[Francois]

Marmol, S.B.L.[Salvador B. Lopez] Co Author Listing * coordinate system for articulated 2D shape point correspondences, A
* Tracking by Hierarchical Representation of Target Structure
* Video Object Segmentation Using Graphs
Includes: Marmol, S.B.L.[Salvador B. Lopez] Mármol, S.B.L.[Salvador B. López]

Marmol, U.[Urszula] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Laser Scanners for Measuring Surfaces made of Synthetic Materials
* Analysis and Verification of Building Changes Based on Point Clouds from Different Sources and Time Periods
* Using LiDAR System as a Data Source for Agricultural Land Boundaries

Marmoni, G.M.[Gian Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Thermal Monitoring of Jointed Rock Masses through Infrared Thermography and Photogrammetry
* Optical and Thermal Image Processing for Monitoring Rainfall Triggered Shallow Landslides: Insights from Analogue Laboratory Experiments

Marmorat, J.P. Co Author Listing * Active Contour Segmentation with a Parametric Shape Prior: Link with the Shape Gradient

Marmoreo, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Towards Open Zero-Shot Learning
* Transductive Zero-Shot Learning by Decoupled Feature Generation

Marmorino, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Turbulent Tidal Flow in a Coral Reef Channel Using Multi-Look WorldView-2 Satellite Imagery

Marmorino, G.O. Co Author Listing * Airborne Remote Sensing of Surface Velocities in a Tidal River
* Interpreting Patterns of Concentric Rings within Small Buoyant River Plumes
* Surface Imprints of Water-Column Turbulence: A Case Study of Tidal Flow over an Estuarine Sill
* Use of WorldView-2 Along-Track Stereo Imagery to Probe a Baltic Sea Algal Spiral
Includes: Marmorino, G.O. Marmorino, G.O.[George O.]

Marmureanu, L.[Luminita] Co Author Listing * Methodology for Lidar Monitoring of Biomass Burning Smoke in Connection with the Land Cover
* Orange Snow: A Saharan Dust Intrusion over Romania During Winter Conditions

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