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Malk, M.I. Co Author Listing * Online Signature Analysis Based on Accelerometric and Gyroscopic Pens and Legendre Series

Malka, R.[Roy] Co Author Listing * Classification of fluorescence in situ hybridization images using belief networks
* Learning Bayesian Networks for Cytogenetic Image Classification

Malkani, M.[Mohan] Co Author Listing * Image registration for sequence of visual images captured by UAV
* novel method for real-time multiple moving targets detection from moving IR camera, A
* Real-Time Multiple Moving Targets Detection from Airborne IR Imagery by Dynamic Gabor Filter and Dynamic Gaussian Detector

Malkarnenkar, G.[Girish] Co Author Listing * YouTube2Text: Recognizing and Describing Arbitrary Activities Using Semantic Hierarchies and Zero-Shot Recognition

Malkewitz, R. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Surgery: Vision and Feasibility of an Advanced Operation Theater

Malki, J.[Jamal] Co Author Listing * Directional Relations Composition by Orientation Histogram Fusion

Malki, M. Co Author Listing * Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Object-Based Segmentation of VHR Remotely Sensed Imagery

Malkin, K.[Kolya] Co Author Listing * Large Scale High-Resolution Land Cover Mapping With Multi-Resolution Data

Malkin, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * Secure Quantization Index Modulation Watermark Detection

Malkin, N.[Nikolay] Co Author Listing * Mining Self-similarity: Label Super-resolution with Epitomic Representations

Malkin, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Privacy Preserving Pattern Classification

Malkin, Z.[Zinovy] Co Author Listing * Implication between Geophysical Events and the Variation of Seasonal Signal Determined in GNSS Position Time Series

Malkinson, D. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Techniques To Assess Post-fire Effects at the Hillslope and Sub-Basin Scales Via Multi-scale Model

Malkov, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mucous Glands Segmentation in Histological Images

Malkov, Y. Co Author Listing * Learnable Triangulation of Human Pose
* Revisiting the Inverted Indices for Billion-Scale Approximate Nearest Neighbors
* Textured Neural Avatars
Includes: Malkov, Y. Malkov, Y.[Yury]

Malkov, Y.A.[Yu A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Robust Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Using Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs

Malkova, D.[Daria] Co Author Listing * classification of endoscopy images with persistent homology, The

Malkova, G.[Galina] Co Author Listing * Using Ground Penetrating Radar for Permafrost Monitoring from 2015-2017 at CALM Sites in the Pechora River Delta

Malkova, M.[Martina] Co Author Listing * intuitive polygon morphing, An
* New Visibility Walk Algorithm for Point Location in Planar Triangulation, A
Includes: Malkova, M.[Martina] Málková, M.[Martina] Malková, M.[Martina]

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