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Kuwabara, H. Co Author Listing * Mapping of change in cerebral glucose utilization using fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose double injection and the constrained weighted-integration method

Kuwabara, N.[Nobuaki] Co Author Listing * Image processing apparatus capable of processing halftone image data

Kuwahara, D.[Daiki] Co Author Listing * Facial Aging Simulator Based on Patch-Based Facial Texture Reconstruction
* Facial Aging Simulator by Data-Driven Component-Based Texture Cloning
* FG2015 age progression evaluation
Includes: Kuwahara, D.[Daiki] Kuwahara, D.

Kuwahara, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D heart image reconstructed from MRI data
* New Multiobjective Signal Optimization for Oversaturated Networks, A
* Using ITS to Improve the Capacity of Freeway Merging Sections by Transferring Freight Vehicles

Kuwahara, N.[Noriaki] Co Author Listing * Human position and head direction tracking in fisheye camera using randomized ferns and fisheye histograms of oriented gradients
* Indirect Evaluation of Nurse's Transfer Skill Through the Measurement of Patient
* Study of Improving a Welfare Workplace by Surveying Good Standing Companies of Employment of People with Disabilities

Kuwahara, R. Co Author Listing * Control Point Matching Algorithm, A
* Warping Digital Images Using Thin Plate Splines

Kuwahara, T.[Tomohiro] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Dermo-epidermal Surface from 3d Volumetric Images of Human Skin

Kuwahara, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Discussion on a method to extract scallop using line convergence index filter from granule-sand seabed videos
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area from Sand Seabed Images
* Extraction Method of Scallop Area in Gravel Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* High Quality Color Correction Method Combining Neural Networks with Genetic Algorithms
* Scallop Detection from Gravel-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
* Scallop Detection from Sand-Seabed Images for Fishery Investigation
Includes: Kuwahara, Y.[Yasuhiro] Kuwahara, Y.

Kuwajima, S.[Shigesumi] Co Author Listing * Motion analyzing/advising system

Kuwamoto, H. Co Author Listing * Visual Navigation of an Autonomous Vehicle Using White Line Recognition

Kuwamura, K.[Keiko] Co Author Listing * Effects of visual attention on chromatic and achromatic detection sensitivities

Kuwano, Y.[Yukinori] Co Author Listing * Monitoring system and imaging system

Kuwashima, S.[Shigesumi] Co Author Listing * Moving object measurement device employing a three-dimensional analysis to obtain characteristics of the moving object

Kuwata, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * Edge-enhancement processing apparatus and method, and medium containing edge-enhancement processing program

Kuwata, Y.[Yoshiaki] Co Author Listing * Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report

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