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Ku, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * New Path: Scaling Vision-and-Language Navigation with Synthetic Instructions and Imitation Learning, A
* Transferable Representation Learning in Vision-and-Language Navigation
Includes: Ku, A.[Alexander] Ku, A.

Ku, B.[Bonhwa] Co Author Listing * Accurate Target Motion Analysis from a Small Measurement Set Using RANSAC
* Combining Infrared and Visible Images Using Novel Transform and Statistical Information
* FBRNN: Feedback Recurrent Neural Network for Extreme Image Super-Resolution
* Frame Level Emotion Guided Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition with Emotion Grouping
* Image enhancement for extremely low light conditions
* Information Bottleneck Measurement for Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction
* Key Frame Extraction Based on Chaos Theory and Color Information for Video Summarization
* License Plate Detection and Character Segmentation Using Adaptive Binarization Based on Superpixels under Illumination Change
* License Plate Detection Using Local Structure Patterns
* Noisy label facial expression recognition via face-specific label distribution learning
* Online Multi-object Tracking Based on Hierarchical Association Framework
* Online multi-object tracking with efficient track drift and fragmentation handling
* Online multi-person tracking with two-stage data association and online appearance model learning
* Robust Dynamic Super Resolution under Inaccurate Motion Estimation
* Side Scan Sonar Image Super Resolution via Region-Selective Sparse Coding
Includes: Ku, B.[Bonhwa] Ku, B.[Bonwha] Ku, B.
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Ku, B.H.[Bon Hwa] Co Author Listing * Crowd Density Estimation Using Multi-class Adaboost
* Towards high-fidelity facial UV map generation in real-world
Includes: Ku, B.H.[Bon Hwa] Ku, B.H.[Bon-Hwa]

Ku, B.W.[Bon Woo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Beam-Training Technique for Millimeter-Wave Cellular Communications

Ku, C. Co Author Listing * CAMEL: A Weakly Supervised Learning Framework for Histopathology Image Segmentation
* Novel Quality Enhanced Low Complexity Rate Control Algorithm for HEVC, A

Ku, C.A.[Chia An] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Influence of Urban Morphology on Urban Wind Environment Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation
Includes: Ku, C.A.[Chia An] Ku, C.A.[Chia-An]

Ku, C.H. Co Author Listing * Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Land Vehicle Navigation in Indoor Environments by Quadratic Classifier

Ku, C.P.[Chang Ping] Co Author Listing * Correction of paradoxical vision by simulated depth cue and inverted mirror image for laparoscopic surgery
Includes: Ku, C.P.[Chang Ping] Ku, C.P.[Chang-Ping]

Ku, C.S.[Chiung Shen] Co Author Listing * Imaging Simulation for Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Full-Wave Approach
Includes: Ku, C.S.[Chiung Shen] Ku, C.S.[Chiung-Shen]

Ku, C.W. Co Author Listing * 140-MHz 94 K Gates HD1080p 30-Frames/s Intra-Only Profile H.264 Encoder, A
* Cost-Effective Architecture for 8x8 2-Dimensional DCT/IDCT Using Direct Method, A
* High-Definition H.264/AVC Intra-Frame Codec IP for Digital Video and Still Camera Applications, A

Ku, C.W.W.[Chung Wei W.] Co Author Listing * Pseudo Object-Oriented Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding System with Cache VQ for Detail Compensation, A
Includes: Ku, C.W.W.[Chung Wei W.] Ku, C.W.W.[Chung-Wei W.]

Ku, C.Y.[Chia Yu] Co Author Listing * In-Kernel Relay for Scalable One-to-Many Streaming
Includes: Ku, C.Y.[Chia Yu] Ku, C.Y.[Chia-Yu]

Ku, F.N.[Fu Nian] Co Author Listing * New Approach to the Restoration of an Image Blurred by Linear Uniform Motion, A
* Principles and Methods of Histogram Modification Adapted for Visual Perception, The
Includes: Ku, F.N.[Fu Nian] Ku, F.N.[Fu-Nian]

Ku, G. Co Author Listing * Half-Time Image Reconstruction in Thermoacoustic Tomography

Ku, H.C.[Hsuan Chih] Co Author Listing * Dual Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Network for Short-Term Bike Sharing Usage Demand Prediction, A
Includes: Ku, H.C.[Hsuan Chih] Ku, H.C.[Hsuan-Chih]

Ku, J. Co Author Listing * In Defense of Classical Image Processing: Fast Depth Completion on the CPU
* Leveraging Temporal Data for Automatic Labelling of Static Vehicles
* Monocular 3D Object Detection Leveraging Accurate Proposals and Shape Reconstruction
Includes: Ku, J. Ku, J.[Jason]

Ku, J.S.[Ja Seong] Co Author Listing * Multi-image matching for a general motion stereo camera model

Ku, K.C.[Ksuan Chun] Co Author Listing * recurrent fuzzy network for fuzzy temporal sequence processing and gesture recognition, A
Includes: Ku, K.C.[Ksuan Chun] Ku, K.C.[Ksuan-Chun]

Ku, L.Y.[Li Yang] Co Author Listing * Aspect Transition Graph: An Affordance-Based Model, The

Ku, M.L.[Meng Lin] Co Author Listing * On Outage Probability for Stochastic Energy Harvesting Communications in Fading Channels
* Power Allocation and Relay Selection in Relay Networks: A Perturbation-Based Approach
Includes: Ku, M.L.[Meng Lin] Ku, M.L.[Meng-Lin] Ku, M.L.

Ku, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Robust Object Segmentation System Using a Probability-Based Background Extraction Algorithm, A

Ku, N.W.[Nian Wei] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation-Based Approach for Field-Level Sorghum Panicle Counting, A
* Modeling Forest Aboveground Biomass and Volume Using Airborne LiDAR Metrics and Forest Inventory and Analysis Data in the Pacific Northwest
* Regionalization of an Existing Global Forest Canopy Height Model for Forests of the Southern United States
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning as an Effective Tool to Retrieve Tree Level Height, Crown Width, and Stem Diameter
Includes: Ku, N.W.[Nian Wei] Ku, N.W.[Nian-Wei]

Ku, S.[Shyan] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring dwell time of objects in an environment

Ku, S.Y.[Shih Yu] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval Using Color-Aware Tag on Progressive Image Search and Recommendation System
* Minimax Design of Recursive Digital-Filters with a Lattice Denominator
Includes: Ku, S.Y.[Shih Yu] Ku, S.Y.[Shih-Yu] Ku, S.Y.

Ku, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Position-Sensitive Tracking
* Joint Identification-Verification Model for Visual Tracking
* Multiple Instance Models Regression for Robust Visual Tracking
Includes: Ku, T. Ku, T.[Tao]

Ku, T.F. Co Author Listing * Post-processing deblocking filter algorithm for various video decoders

Ku, W.C.[Wei Chun] Co Author Listing * VisoMT: A Collaborative Multithreading Multicore Processor for Multimedia Applications With a Fast Data Switching Mechanism
Includes: Ku, W.C.[Wei Chun] Ku, W.C.[Wei-Chun]

Ku, W.F.[Wing Fung] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Painter: Picture Composition with Resampling Diffusion Model
Includes: Ku, W.F.[Wing Fung] Ku, W.F.[Wing-Fung]

Ku, W.H. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Detectability of Small Objects in Correlated Clutter Using an Improved 2-D Adaptive Lattice Algorithm
* improved 2-D adaptive lattice filtering algorithm and its application to detection of small objects in correlated clutter, An
* new steganographic scheme based on vector quantisation and search-order coding, A
* Performance Evaluation of 2-D Adaptive Prediction Filters for Detection of Small Objects in Image Data

Ku, W.L. Co Author Listing * Discriminatively-learned global image representation using CNN as a local feature extractor for image retrieval

Ku, W.S.[Wei Shinn] Co Author Listing * Exploiting location-aware social networks for efficient spatial query processing
* overlapping Voronoi diagram-based system for multi-criteria optimal location queries, An
* partial sequenced route query with traveling rules in road networks, The
* query integrity assurance scheme for accessing outsourced spatial databases, A
* Strike (With) a Pose: Neural Networks Are Easily Fooled by Strange Poses of Familiar Objects
Includes: Ku, W.S.[Wei Shinn] Ku, W.S.[Wei-Shinn]

Ku, Y.[Yunhoe] Co Author Listing * RMFER: Semi-supervised Contrastive Learning for Facial Expression Recognition with Reaction Mashup Video

Ku, Y.B.[Yin Bon] Co Author Listing * Expectation-maximization algorithm with total variation regularization for vector-valued image segmentation
Includes: Ku, Y.B.[Yin Bon] Ku, Y.B.[Yin-Bon]

Ku, Y.N.[Yueh Ning] Co Author Listing * Unifying Margin-Based Softmax Losses in Face Recognition
Includes: Ku, Y.N.[Yueh Ning] Ku, Y.N.[Yueh-Ning]

Ku, Y.R.[Yu Ru] Co Author Listing * Experimental Evaluation of Recent Face Recognition Losses for Deepfake Detection, An
Includes: Ku, Y.R.[Yu Ru] Ku, Y.R.[Yu-Ru]

Ku, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Co Author Listing * Towards Human-Compatible Autonomous Car: A Study of Non-Verbal Turing Test in Automated Driving With Affective Transition Modelling
Includes: Ku, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Ku, Y.X.[Yi-Xuan]

Ku, Z.[Zahyun] Co Author Listing * Plasmonic Superpixel Sensor for Compressive Spectral Sensing

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