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Knoll, A.[Alois] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Integral Histograms Using an Adaptive Approach
* AerialMPTNet: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking in Aerial Imagery Using Temporal and Graphical Features
* Cooperative vehicle-infrastructure localization based on the symmetric measurement equation filter
* Deep anticipation: lightweight intelligent mobile sensing for unmanned vehicles in IoT by recurrent architecture
* Efficient and Robust Real-Time Contour Tracking System, An
* Event-Based Neuromorphic Vision for Autonomous Driving: A Paradigm Shift for Bio-Inspired Visual Sensing and Perception
* Filter design for the interpolation of highly subsampled pictures
* Fusing vision and odometry for accurate indoor robot localization
* Guessing Smart: Biased Sampling for Efficient Black-Box Adversarial Attacks
* Hierarchical Grid-based Multi-People Tracking-by-Detection With Global Optimization
* Human Body Orientation Estimation in Multiview Scenarios
* Improving Low-Resolution Image Classification by Super-Resolution with Enhancing High-Frequency Content
* Information Maximizing Optimal Sensor Placement Robust Against Variations of Traffic Demand Based on Importance of Nodes
* Multi-modality Gesture Detection and Recognition with Un-supervision, Randomization and Discrimination
* Multi-target and Multi-camera Object Detection with Monte-Carlo Sampling
* Mutual Information-Based 3D Object Tracking
* Novel Approach to Hand-Gesture Recognition in a Human-Robot Dialog System, A
* Novel Method for the Absolute Pose Problem with Pairwise Constraints, A
* Object Localization with Attribute Preference Based on Top-Down Attention
* Object Recognition Using Constraints from Primitive Shape Matching
* PM-Huber: PatchMatch with Huber Regularization for Stereo Matching
* Precise Measurement of Cargo Boxes for Gantry Robot Palletization in Large Scale Workspaces Using Low-Cost RGB-D Sensors
* Real-Time 3D Face Tracking with Mutual Information and Active Contours
* Real-Time Articulated Hand Detection and Pose Estimation
* Scene Perception and Recognition for Human-Robot Co-operation
* Scene Perception and Recognition in Industrial Environments for Human-Robot Interaction
* Speeding Up HOG and LBP Features for Pedestrian Detection by Multiresolution Techniques
* Variational PatchMatch MultiView Reconstruction and Refinement
* Wideband MAC-compatible HDTV transmission system
Includes: Knoll, A.[Alois] Knoll, A.
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Knoll, A.C. Co Author Listing * Partition-Based Match Making Algorithm for Dynamic Ridesharing, A
* Ultrasonic Holography Techniques for Localizing and Imaging Solid Objects

Knoll, C. Co Author Listing * Fixed Points of Belief Propagation: An Analysis via Polynomial Homotopy Continuation
* Outlining of the prostate using snakes with shape restrictions based on the wavelet transform
* Weakly Supervised Learning of a Classifier for Unusual Event Detection
Includes: Knoll, C. Knoll, C.[Christian]

Knoll, D. Co Author Listing * Toward Integrated Scene Text Reading

Knoll, F. Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning Methods for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction: A Survey of the Current Approaches, Trends, and Issues
* Evaluation of Parallel Level Sets and Bowsher's Method as Segmentation-Free Anatomical Priors for Time-of-Flight PET Reconstruction
* Fast T2 Mapping With Improved Accuracy Using Undersampled Spin-Echo MRI and Model-Based Reconstructions With a Generating Function
* Joint MR-PET Reconstruction Using a Multi-Channel Image Regularizer
* Results of the 2020 fastMRI Challenge for Machine Learning MR Image Reconstruction
* Total Generalized Variation in Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Includes: Knoll, F. Knoll, F.[Florian]

Knoll, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Image Processing Algorithm for Detecting FISH Probe Locations Relative to Chromosome Landmarks on DAPI Stained Metaphase Chromosome Images, An
* image processing algorithm for accurate extraction of the centerline from human metaphase chromosomes, An

Knoll, P. Co Author Listing * Jini service to reconstruct tomographic data, A

Knoll, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Method for displaying and printing multitone images derived from grayscale images

Knoll, T.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Gray Scale Mapping to Reduce Registration Noise in Difference Images
* Learning To Recognize Objects Using Feature Indexed Hypotheses
* Recognizing Partially Visible Objects Using Feature Indexed Hypotheses

Knollmann, F. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry Approach to Automated Pulmonary Fissure Segmentation in CT Examinations, A
* Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation in CT Examinations Using Implicit Surface Fitting

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