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Kjeldsen, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * email: Kjeldsen, F.[Frederik]: fcmk AT watson ibm com
* Facial Gestures
Includes: Kjeldsen, F.[Frederik] Kjeldsen, F.

Kjeldsen, R. Co Author Listing * Active 3D Object Models
* Complete and Extendable Approach to Visual Recognition, A
* Context-Based Visual Hand Gesture Recognition
* Data and model driven foveation
* Data- and Model-Driven Multiresolution Processing
* Dynamically Reconfigurable Vision-Based User Interfaces
* Finding Skin in Color Images
* Homogeneous Framework for Visual Recognition, A
* Improving Face Tracking with 2D Template Warping
* Interacting with steerable projected displays
* Interaction with On-Screen Objects Using Visual Gesture Recognition
* On Seeing Spaghetti: A Novel Self-Adjusting Seven Parameter Hough Space for Analyzing Flexible Extruded Objects
* On Seeing Spaghetti: Self-Adjusting Piecewise Toroidal Recognition Of Flexible Extruded Objects
* Performance and Human Interface Issues of a System for Visual Interpretation of Hand Gestures
* Toward the use of gesture in traditional user interfaces
* Video Analytics in Urban Environments
* Visual Hand Gesture Recognition For Window System Control
* Visual Recognition Using Concurrent and Layered Parameter Networks
Includes: Kjeldsen, R. Kjeldsen, R.[Rick]
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Kjeldsen, S.S.[Simon S.] Co Author Listing * Patient's Body Motion Study Using Multimodal RGBDT Videos

Kjell, B.P.[Bradley P.] Co Author Listing * email: Kjell, B.P.[Bradley P.]: kjell AT ccsua ctstateu edu
* Object Detection Using Contrast Based Scale-Space
* Performance Analysis of 1-D Scale-Space Algorithms for Pulse Detection in Noisy Image Scans
* Scale-Space Features for Object Detection

Kjellberg, J. Co Author Listing * Development of a Cooperative Heavy-Duty Vehicle for the GCDC 2011: Team Scoop, The

Kjellin, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Effects of Layer Partitioning in Collaborative 3D Visualizations

Kjellmo, I.[Ivar] Co Author Listing * Ghost in the Cave: An Interactive Collaborative Game Using Non-verbal Communication

Kjellqvist, M. Co Author Listing * Life: A Flexible Testbed for Light Field Evaluation

Kjellstroem, H. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Facial Expression Representation

Kjellstrom, H.[Hedvig] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kjellstrom, H.[Hedvig]: Formerly: Hedvig Sidenbladh
* email: Kjellstrom, H.[Hedvig]: hedvig AT kth se
* Action Graphs: Weakly-supervised Action Localization with Graph Convolution Networks
* Advances in Variational Inference
* Computer Analysis of Sentiment Interpretation in Musical Conducting
* Deep Representation Learning for Human Motion Prediction and Classification
* Dynamics Are Important for the Recognition of Equine Pain in Video
* Equine Pain Behavior Classification via Self-Supervised Disentangled Pose Representation
* Going Deeper than Tracking: A Survey of Computer-Vision Based Recognition of Animal Pain and Emotions
* Hierarchical Grocery Store Image Dataset With Visual and Semantic Labels, A
* How to Supervise Topic Models
* In Memoriam: Jan-Olof Eklundh
* Inferring hand pose: A comparative study of visual shape features
* Inter-battery Topic Representation Learning
* Interpolation in Auto Encoders with Bridge Processes
* Interpreting Video Features: A Comparison of 3d Convolutional Networks and Convolutional LSTM Networks
* Non-parametric hand pose estimation with object context
* Recur, Attend or Convolve? On Whether Temporal Modeling Matters for Cross-Domain Robustness in Action Recognition
* Representing cyclic human motion using functional analysis
* Simultaneous Visual Recognition of Manipulation Actions and Manipulated Objects
* Supervised Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes with Variational Inference
* Tracking people interacting with objects
* Unsupervised Surveillance Video Retrieval Based on Human Action and Appearance
* Using SVM for Efficient Detection of Human Motion
* Visual object-action recognition: Inferring object affordances from human demonstration
Includes: Kjellstrom, H.[Hedvig] Kjellstr÷m, H.[Hedvig] (Maybe also Kjellstroem, H.)Kjellstr÷m, H. (Maybe also Kjellstroem, H.)Kjellstrom, H.
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