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Kano, F.[Fumihiro] Co Author Listing * 3D-POP: An Automated Annotation Approach to Facilitate Markerless 2D-3D Tracking of Freely Moving Birds with Marker-Based Motion Capture

Kano, G.[Guilherme] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Obstacles in Railway Tracks Using Monocular Camera

Kano, H. Co Author Listing * Constructing and Reconstructing Characters, Words, and Sentences by Synthesizing Writing Motions
* Development of a Video-Rate Stereo Machine
* Feature-based Image Mosaicing
* Image Stabilization Technology for Digital Still Camera Based on Blind Deconvolution, An
* Motion blur estimation of handheld camera using regular- and short-exposure image pair
* Precise Top View Image Generation without Global Metric Information
* Stereo Machine for Video-Rate Dense Depth Mapping and Its New Applications, A
* Video-Rate Z Keying: A New Method for Merging Images
Includes: Kano, H. Kano, H.[Hiroshi]
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Kano, M.[Manabu] Co Author Listing * Auditory Feedback of False Heart Rate for Video Game Experience Improvement
* Color moire reduction and resolution enhancement technique for integral three-dimensional display
* Depth Estimation Using an Infrared Dot Projector and an Infrared Color Stereo Camera
* Robust volleyball tracking system using multi-view cameras
* Similarity-based approach to earthenware reconstruction
Includes: Kano, M.[Manabu] Kano, M.

Kanoh, M. Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Multivalued Decision Diagrams for Obtaining Motion Representation of Humanoid Robots

Kanoh, T. Co Author Listing * pel adaptive reduction of coding artifacts for MPEG video signals, A
* Rate conversion of MPEG coded video by re-quantization process

Kanojia, G.[Gagan] Co Author Listing * DeepImSeq: Deep image sequencing for unsynchronized cameras
* Patch-based detection of dynamic objects in CrowdCam images
* Postcapture Focusing Using Regression Forest
* Simultaneous Detection and Removal of Dynamic Objects in Multi-view Images
* Who Shot the Picture and When?
Includes: Kanojia, G.[Gagan] Kanojia, G.

Kanosue, K.[Kazuyuki] Co Author Listing * Extracting and Interpreting Unknown Factors with Classifier for Foot Strike Types in Running

Kanou, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Stereo by using Dynamic Programming

Kanoulas, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Performance and Usability Evaluation Scheme for Mobile Manipulator Teleoperation

Kanoun, B.[Bilel] Co Author Listing * Fast GPU-Based Enhanced Wiener Filter for Despeckling SAR Data

Kanoun, K. Co Author Listing * Markov Decision Process Based Energy-Efficient On-Line Scheduling for Slice-Parallel Video Decoders on Multicore Systems

Kanoun, S. Co Author Listing * Affixal approach for Arabic decomposable vocabulary recognition a validation on printed word in only one font
* Affixal Approach versus Analytical Approach for Off-Line Arabic Decomposable Vocabulary Recognition
* ALTID : Arabic/Latin Text Images Database for recognition research
* Arabic and Latin Script Identification in Printed and Handwritten Types Based on Steerable Pyramid Features
* Complex documents images segmentation based on steerable pyramid features
* Database for Arabic Handwritten Text Image Recognition and Writer Identification, A
* Database for Arabic Printed Text Recognition Research
* Gaussian Mixture Models for Arabic Font Recognition
* HMM Based Keyword Spotting System in Printed/Handwritten Arabic/Latin Documents with Identification Stage
* Hybrid HMM/DNN System for Arabic Handwriting Keyword Spotting
* ICDAR 2011: Arabic Recognition Competition: Multi-font Multi-size Digitally Represented Text
* ICDAR2013 Competition on Multi-font and Multi-size Digitally Represented Arabic Text
* Impact of Character Models Choice on Arabic Text Recognition Performance
* Linguistic integration information in the aabatas arabic text analysis system
* Multi-task learning for simultaneous script identification and keyword spotting in document images
* New Arabic Printed Text Image Database and Evaluation Protocols, A
* New features for complex Arabic fonts in cascading recognition system
* New Method for Arabic Text Detection in Natural Scene Image Based on the Color Homogeneity, A
* New Method for Arabic Text Detection in Natural Scene Images, A
* Out of vocabulary word detection and recovery in Arabic handwritten text recognition
* Script and nature differentiation for Arabic and Latin text images
* Segmentation and Word Spotting Methods for Printed and Handwritten Arabic Texts: A Comparative Study
* Shaping for PET image analysis
* Steerable Pyramid Based Complex Documents Images Segmentation
* study on font-family and font-size recognition applied to Arabic word images at ultra-low resolution, A
* Text-Independent Writer Identification on Online Arabic Handwriting
* Three decision levels strategy for Arabic and Latin texts differentiation in printed and handwritten natures
Includes: Kanoun, S. Kanoun, S.[Slim] Kanoun, S.[Salim]
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