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Jaafar, A.[Azizah] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Visually Impaired Users' Navigation Techniques in Complex and Non-complex Layout by Using Spectrum
* Bangla Talking Calculator for Visually Impaired Students in Bangladesh
* Evaluation of Player Enjoyment in Game-Based Learning Arithmetic Drills via Racing Game, An
* Game Interface Design: Measuring the Player's Gameplay Experience
* Identifying the Importance of Web Objects: A Study of ASEAN Perspectives
* Improving Usability with TRIZ: A Review
* Mathematics Education and Accessible Technologies for Visually Impaired Students in Bangladesh
* Motivation Design Methodology for Online Knowledge Sharing Interface
* Synergy Between TRIZ and Usability: A Review
* Usage-Centered Design Approach in Design of Malaysia Sexuality Education (MSE) Courseware
Includes: Jaafar, A.[Azizah] Jaafar, A.
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Jaafar, J. Co Author Listing * Semantic Intensity: Objects Contributions Towards Image Annotation

Jaafar, W.A.[Wan Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Applying Virtual Rehearsal Principle in Developing a Persuasive Multimedia Learning Environment (PMLE)

Jaafari, A.[Abolfazl] Co Author Listing * Wildfire Probability Mapping: Bivariate vs. Multivariate Statistics

Jaafra, Y.[Yasmina] Co Author Listing * Meta-learning for Adaptive Image Segmentation
Includes: Jaafra, Y.[Yasmina] Ja‚fra, Y.[Yasmina]

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