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Hofs, D.[Dennis] Co Author Listing * Supporting Engagement and Floor Control in Hybrid Meetings

Hofsaß, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Reducing the Uncertainty of Lidar Measurements in Complex Terrain Using a Linear Model Approach
Includes: Hofsaß, M.[Martin] Hofsäß, M.[Martin]

Hofstatter, M. Co Author Listing * Embedded contours extraction for high-speed scene dynamics based on a neuromorphic temporal contrast vision sensor
* Embedded neuromorphic vision for humanoid robots
* Event-driven embodied system for feature extraction and object recognition in robotic applications
* Novel HDR Depth Camera for Real-Time 3D 360 deg Panoramic Vision, A
* Precise Radionuclide Localization Using UAV-based Lidar and Gamma Probe With Real-time Processing
Includes: Hofstatter, M. Hofstatter, M.[Michael] Hofstätter, M.

Hofstede, G.J.[Gert Jan] Co Author Listing * Using agent-based modelling to simulate social-ecological systems across scales

Hofstetter, R. Co Author Listing * Classification of colonic polyps using Hidden Markov Models
* False Positive Reduction in Colonic Polyp Detection Using Glocal Information
Includes: Hofstetter, R. Hofstetter, R.[Robert]

Hofsticka, B. Co Author Listing * Orientation- and Scale- Invariant Recognition of Textures in Multi-Object Scenes

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