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Hoeg, J. Co Author Listing * B-Spline Snakes: A Flexible Tool for Parametric Contour Detection

Hoegh Guldberg, O.[Ove] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Coral Bleaching Using Temperature and Light: Progress towards an Operational Algorithm
* Scaling up Ecological Measurements of Coral Reefs Using Semi-Automated Field Image Collection and Analysis
Includes: Hoegh Guldberg, O.[Ove] Hoegh-Guldberg, O.[Ove]

Hoegh, A. Co Author Listing * Exploring the integrality and separability of the Leap Motion Controller for direct manipulation 3D interaction

Hoegner, L.[Ludwig] Co Author Listing * Automated Generation of Building Textures from Infrared Image Sequences
* Automatic Mapping of Glacier Based on SAR Imagery by Benefits of Freely Optical and Thermal Data
* Case Study of the 5-Point Algorithm for Texturing Existing Building Models from Iinfrared Image Sequences
* Detection of Windows in IR Building Textures Using Masked Correlation
* Evaluation Of Methods For Coregistration And Fusion Of Rpas-based 3d Point Clouds And Thermal Infrared Images
* Fusing Passive And Active Sensed Images To Gain Infrared-Textured 3D Models
* Gestalt Grouping On FaÇade Textures From IR Image Sequences: Comparing Different Production Systems
* Hierarchical Matching of Uncertain Building Models with Oblique View Airborne IR Image Sequences
* Image Based Recognition of Dynamic Traffic Situations by Evaluating the Exterior Surrounding and Interior Space of Vehicles
* Line based Matching of Uncertain 3D Building Models with IR Image Sequences for Precise Texture Extraction
* Pairwise coarse registration of point clouds in urban scenes using voxel-based 4-planes congruent sets
* Quality Assessment Of Mapping Building Textures From Infrared Image Sequences
* Registration of Multi-Sensor Bathymetric Point Clouds in Rural Areas Using Point-to-Grid Distances
* Texture Mapping of 3D Building Models with Oblique Direct Geo-referenced Airborne IR Image Sequences
* Towards people detection from fused time-of-flight and thermal infrared images
* Towards The Influence Of A Car Windshield On Depth Calculation With A Stereo Camera System
* Voxel Based Segmentation of Large Airborne Topobathymetric Lidar Data
* Voxel-based segmentation of 3D point clouds from construction sites using a probabilistic connectivity model
Includes: Hoegner, L.[Ludwig] Hoegner, L.
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