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Hinterberger, T.[Thilo] Co Author Listing * Classifying Event-Related Desynchronization in EEG, ECoG and MEG Signals

Hinterberger, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Tube Methods for BV Regularization

Hinterer, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Projected Nesterov-Kaczmarz Approach to Stellar Population-Kinematic Distribution Reconstruction in Extragalactic Archaeology, A

Hinterhofer, T. Co Author Listing * Precise Radionuclide Localization Using UAV-based Lidar and Gamma Probe With Real-time Processing

Hinterleitner, A.[Alois] Co Author Listing * Archaeological Prospection in Wetlands: Experiences and Observations from Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys in Norwegian Bogs
* Archaeological Prospection with Motorised Multichannel Ground-Penetrating Radar Arrays on Snow-Covered Areas in Norway
* Assessment of Material Layers in Building Walls Using GeoRadar
* Beyond Amplitudes: Multi-Trace Coherence Analysis for Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Imaging
* Influence of Environmental Factors on the Quality of GPR Data: The Borre Monitoring Project, The
* Integrating Geophysical and Photographic Data to Visualize the Quarried Structures of the Roman Town of Bassianae
* Interdisciplinary Investigations of the Neolithic Circular Ditch Enclosure of Velm (Lower Austria)
* Prospecting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Müstair (Switzerland)
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Hinterleitner, F. Co Author Listing * Instrumental Assessment of Prosodic Quality for Text-to-Speech Signals

Hintermueller, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Class of Second-Order Geometric Quasilinear Hyperbolic PDEs and Their Application in Imaging, A

Hintermuller, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Automated Regularization Parameter Selection in Multi-Scale Total Variation Models for Image Restoration
* Efficient Primal-Dual Method For L_1 TV Image Restoration, An
* Efficient Two-Phase L1-TV Method for Restoring Blurred Images with Impulse Noise, An
* Guest Editorial JMIV Special Issue Mathematics and Image Analysis (MIA)
* Guest Editorial: Variational Models, Convex Analysis and Numerical Optimization in Mathematical Imaging
* Inexact Newton-CG-Type Active Contour Approach for the Minimization of the Mumford-Shah Functional, An
* Limiting Aspects of Nonconvex TV-phi Models
* Multi-scale Total Variation with Automated Regularization Parameter Selection for Color Image Restoration
* Multi-Scale Vectorial L-tau-TV Framework for Color Image Restoration, A
* Multiphase Image Segmentation and Modulation Recovery Based on Shape and Topological Sensitivity
* Nonconvex TVq-Models in Image Restoration: Analysis and a Trust-Region Regularization-Based Superlinearly Convergent Solver
* Optimal Selection of the Regularization Function in a Weighted Total Variation Model. Part I: Modelling and Theory
* Optimal Selection of the Regularization Function in a Weighted Total Variation Model. Part II: Algorithm, Its Analysis and Numerical Tests
* Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging: From Fingerprinting to Integrated Physics-Based Models
* Robust Principal Component Pursuit via Inexact Alternating Minimization on Matrix Manifolds
* Smoothing Descent Method for Nonconvex TV q -Models, A
* Subspace Correction Methods for a Class of Nonsmooth and Nonadditive Convex Variational Problems with Mixed L1/L2 Data-Fidelity in Image Processing
* Tube Methods for BV Regularization
Includes: Hintermuller, M.[Michael] Hintermüller, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Hintermueller, M.)Hintermuller, M. Hintermüller, M. (Maybe also Hintermueller, M.)
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Hintersberger, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Geophysical Study of the Diendorf-Boskovice Fault System (Austria)

Hinterstoisser, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Annotation Saved is an Annotation Earned: Using Fully Synthetic Training for Object Detection, An
* Distance transform templates for object detection and pose estimation
* Dominant orientation templates for real-time detection of texture-less objects
* Going Further with Point Pair Features
* Gradient Response Maps for Real-Time Detection of Textureless Objects
* Learning Real-Time Perspective Patch Rectification
* Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
* Multimodal templates for real-time detection of texture-less objects in heavily cluttered scenes
* N3M: Natural 3D Markers for Real-Time Object Detection and Pose Estimation
* On Pre-trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning
* Online learning of patch perspective rectification for efficient object detection
* Rapid selection of reliable templates for visual tracking
* Real-time learning of accurate patch rectification
* Simultaneous Recognition and Homography Extraction of Local Patches with a Simple Linear Classifier
* Technical Demonstration on Model Based Training, Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less 3D Objects in Heavily Cluttered Scenes
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Hinton, G.[Geoffrey] Co Author Listing * CvxNet: Learnable Convex Decomposition
* NASA Neural Articulated Shape Approximation

Hinton, G.E.[Geoffrey E.] Co Author Listing * Developing Population Codes for Object Instantiation Parameters
* Dynamical binary latent variable models for 3D human pose tracking
* Guest Editorial: Deep Learning
* Helmholtz Machine, The
* ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Instantiating Deformable Models with a Neural Net
* Learning Algorithm for Boltzmann Machines, A
* Learning generative texture models with extended Fields-of-experts
* Learning to Detect Roads in High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Mobile Robot That Learns Its Place, A
* Modeling Natural Images Using Gated MRFs
* Modeling pixel means and covariances using factorized third-order boltzmann machines
* Modeling the joint density of two images under a variety of transformations
* Modeling the Manifolds of Images of Handwritten Digits
* On deep generative models with applications to recognition
* Optimal Perceptual Inference
* Recognizing Handwritten Digits Using Hierarchical Products of Experts
* Robust Boltzmann Machines for recognition and denoising
* Separating Figure from Ground with a Boltzmann Machine
* Solving Random-Dot Stereograms Using the Heat Equation
* Training products of experts by minimizing contrastive divergence
* Unsupervised Learning of Image Transformations
* Using Generative Models for Handwritten Digit Recognition
Includes: Hinton, G.E.[Geoffrey E.] Hinton, G.E.
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Hinton, O. Co Author Listing * Real-time synthetic aperture sonar imaging using a parallel architecture

Hintringer, F. Co Author Listing * Model-based imaging of cardiac electrical excitation in humans

Hintz, D.[Dean] Co Author Listing * Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019

Hintz, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * bi-modal face recognition framework integrating facial expression with facial appearance, A
* Bilateral Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure
* Car Plate Detection Using Cascaded Tree-Style Learner Based on Hybrid Object Features
* Comparison of Image Conversions Between Square Structure and Hexagonal Structure
* evaluation of bi-modal facial appearance+facial expression face biometrics, An
* Image Rotation without Scaling on Spiral Architecture
* Learning-Based Number Recognition on Spiral Architecture
* New Approach for Fractal Image Compression on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure, A
* New Approach for SA-Based Fractal Image Compression, A
* Pseudo-invariant image transformations on a hexagonal lattice
* Uniformly Partitioning Images on Virtual Hexagonal Structure
Includes: Hintz, T.[Tom] Hintz, T.
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Hintze, R. Co Author Listing * Shadow Patching: Guided Image Completion for Shadow Removal

Hintzen, R.[Rein] Co Author Listing * VIVA Project: Digital Watermarking for Broadcast Monitoring, The

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