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Grade, J. Co Author Listing * Electronic Terahertz Antennas and Probes for Spectroscopic Detection and Diagnostics

Gradinaru, A.[Alexandru] Co Author Listing * LibrARy: Enriching the Cultural Physical Spaces with Collaborative AR Content

Gradl, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic In Vivo Chest X-ray Dark-Field Imaging in Mice
* Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction for Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast X-Ray CT including Models for the Source and the Detector

Grado, L.L. Co Author Listing * Sliding Windowed Infinite Fourier Transform, The

Gradwohl Valkay, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Applicability of a Recreational-Grade Interferometric Sonar for the Bathymetric Survey and Monitoring of the Drava River
Includes: Gradwohl Valkay, A.[Alexandra] Gradwohl-Valkay, A.[Alexandra]

Grady, D.[Devin] Co Author Listing * Active Planning, Sensing, and Recognition Using a Resource-Constrained Discriminant POMDP

Grady, J.K.[John K.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for three-dimensional video signals
* Reconstruction of 3-D Binary Tree-Like Structures from Three Mutually Orthogonal Projections

Grady, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic diffusion using power watersheds
* Automatic Segmentation of Unknown Objects, with Application to Baggage Security
* Combinatorial Continuous Maximum Flow
* Combinatorial Optimization of the Discretized Multiphase Mumford-Shah Functional
* Computing Exact Discrete Minimal Surfaces: Extending and Solving the Shortest Path Problem in 3D with Application to Segmentation
* Contrast Driven Elastica for Image Segmentation
* Discrete Optimization of the Multiphase Piecewise Constant Mumford-Shah Functional
* Dual Constrained TV-based Regularization on Graphs
* Fast approximate Random Walker segmentation using eigenvector precomputation
* Fast Computation of Hemodynamic Sensitivity to Lumen Segmentation Uncertainty
* Fast global optimization of curvature
* Fast, Quality, Segmentation of Large Volumes: Isoperimetric Distance Trees
* Faster graph-theoretic image processing via small-world and quadtree topologies
* FOCUSR: Feature Oriented Correspondence Using Spectral Regularization: A Method for Precise Surface Matching
* Groupwise Spectral Log-Demons Framework for Atlas Construction
* Image Processing and Analysis with Graphs: Theory and Practice
* Interactive image segmentation via minimization of quadratic energies on directed graphs
* Isoperimetric Graph Partitioning for Image Segmentation
* Lattice-Preserving Multigrid Method for Solving the Inhomogeneous Poisson Equations Used in Image Analysis, A
* Minimal Surfaces Extend Shortest Path Segmentation Methods to 3D
* Multilabel Random Walker Image Segmentation Using Prior Models
* Multilevel Banded Graph Cuts Method for Fast Image Segmentation, A
* P-brush: Continuous valued MRFs with normed pairwise distributions for image segmentation
* Piecewise Smooth Mumford-Shah Functional on an Arbitrary Graph, The
* Power Watershed: A Unifying Graph-Based Optimization Framework
* Power watersheds: A new image segmentation framework extending graph cuts, random walker and optimal spanning forest
* Random walks based multi-image segmentation: Quasiconvexity results and GPU-based solutions
* Random Walks for Image Segmentation
* Reformulating and Optimizing the Mumford-Shah Functional on a Graph: A Faster, Lower Energy Solution
* Seeded Image Segmentation Framework Unifying Graph Cuts And Random Walker Which Yields A New Algorithm, A
* Segmentation from a box
* Shortest Paths with Curvature and Torsion
* Sparsity-Promoting Calibration for GRAPPA Accelerated Parallel MRI Reconstruction
* Spectral Demons: Image Registration via Global Spectral Correspondence
* Spectral Log-Demons: Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Very Large Deformations
* Statistical Priors for Efficient Combinatorial Optimization Via Graph Cuts
* Uninitialized, Globally Optimal, Graph-Based Rectilinear Shape Segmentation: The Opposing Metrics Method
Includes: Grady, L.[Leo] Grady, L.
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Grady, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * ContactOpt: Optimizing Contact to Improve Grasps
* PressureVision: Estimating Hand Pressure from a Single RGB Image

Grady, P.L.[Patrick L.] Co Author Listing * BodyPressure - Inferring Body Pose and Contact Pressure From a Depth Image

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