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Gero, P.J.[P. Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Infrared Absolute Radiance Interferometer (ARI) for CLARREO, The

Gerogiannis, D.[Demetrios] Co Author Listing * Fast and efficient vanishing point detection in indoor images

Gerogiannis, D.C. Co Author Listing * Parallelization of an image analysis application: Problems, results and a solution framework
* Programming intermediate level vision tasks on parallel machines

Gerogiannis, D.P.[Demetrios P.] Co Author Listing * Elimination of Outliers from 2-D Point Sets Using the Helmholtz Principle
* Global sampling of image edges
* mixtures of Student's t-distributions as a robust framework for rigid registration, The
* Rigid Image Registration based on Pixel Grouping
* Robust Image Registration using Mixtures of t-distributions
* Shape encoding for edge map image compression

Gerogiannus, D.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient embedding of interprocessor communications in parallel implementations of intermediate level vision tasks
* Efficient use of parallelism in intermediate level vision tasks
* Load Balancing Requirement In Parallel Implementations Of Image Feature Extraction Tasks

Gerold, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Synergism for Mapping Vegetation Types in the Endangered Cerrado/Amazon Ecotone of Nova Mutum: Mato Grosso

Geroldi, C. Co Author Listing * MRI-Based Automated Computer Classification of Probable AD Versus Normal Controls

Geroliminis, N. Co Author Listing * Dynamic-Zone-Based Coordinated Ramp-Metering Algorithm With Queue Constraints for Minnesota's Freeways, A
* Economic Model Predictive Control of Large-Scale Urban Road Networks via Perimeter Control and Regional Route Guidance
* Identification and Analysis of Queue Spillovers in City Street Networks
* Multiple Concentric Gating Traffic Control in Large-Scale Urban Networks
* Nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks
* Optimal Perimeter Control for Two Urban Regions With Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams: A Model Predictive Approach
* Perimeter Control and Route Guidance of Multi-Region MFD Systems With Boundary Queues Using Colored Petri Nets
* Travel Time Prediction for Congested Freeways With a Dynamic Linear Model
Includes: Geroliminis, N. Geroliminis, N.[Nikolaos] Geroliminis, N.[Nikolas]
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Geron, N. Co Author Listing * It's All About The Scale: Efficient Text Detection Using Adaptive Scaling

Geronikolakis, E.[Efstratios] Co Author Listing * Rapid Reconstruction and Simulation of Real Characters in Mixed Reality Environments

Geronimi, S. Co Author Listing * Aware of Scene Vehicles: Probabilistic Modeling of Car-Following Behaviors in Real-World Traffic
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part I
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part II

Geronimo, D.[David] Co Author Listing * 2D-3D-based on-board pedestrian detection system
* Computer Vision Approaches to Pedestrian Detection: Visible Spectrum Survey
* Efficient Approach to Onboard Stereo Vision System Pose Estimation, An
* Haar Wavelets and Edge Orientation Histograms for On-Board Pedestrian Detection
* Learning appearance in virtual scenarios for pedestrian detection
* Real Time Vehicle Pose Using On-Board Stereo Vision System
* Survey of Pedestrian Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Unsupervised domain adaptation of virtual and real worlds for pedestrian detection
* Unsupervised Surveillance Video Retrieval Based on Human Action and Appearance
* Virtual and Real World Adaptationfor Pedestrian Detection
* Vision-based Pedestrian Protection Systems for Intelligent Vehicles
Includes: Geronimo, D.[David] Gerónimo, D.[David] Geronimo, D.
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Geronimo, J.S.[Jeffrey S.] Co Author Listing * Fractal Surfaces, Multiresolution Analyses, and Wavelet Transforms
* numerical algorithm for stable 2D autoregressive filter design, A

Geronimo, R.C.[Rollan C.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Fishing Activities and Suitable Fishing Grounds Using Nighttime Satellite Images and Maximum Entropy Modelling

Gerosa, C. Co Author Listing * Zonation of Subalpine Lakes Based on Remotely Sensed Water Quality Parameters

Gerosa, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Relaxations for Non-Separable Cardinality/Rank Penalties

Gerosa, G. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling And Rapid Prototyping For Cardiovascular Surgical Planning: Two Case Studies

Gerosa, L. Co Author Listing * Scream and gunshot detection and localization for audio-surveillance systems

Gerotziafa, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Surveying and Modelling of Roman Monument with Arch

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