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Gee, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Processing of Document Annotations
* Correcting Motion-Induced Registration Errors in 3-D Ultrasound Images
* Determining the Gaze of Faces in Images
* Document Mosaicing
* Estimating Gaze from a Single View of a Face
* Fast Visual Tracking by Temporal Consensus
Includes: Gee, A. Gee, A.[Andrew]

Gee, A.H. Co Author Listing * email: Gee, A.H.: ahg AT eng cam ac uk
* 3D Shape Reconstruction Using Volume Intersection Techniques
* Adaptive Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
* Automatic Registration of 3-D Ultrasound Images
* Decompression and speckle detection for ultrasound images using the homodyned k-distribution
* Engineering a freehand 3D ultrasound system
* Rapid registration for wide field of view freehand three-dimensional ultrasound
* Surface interpolation from sparse cross sections using region correspondence
Includes: Gee, A.H. Gee, A.H.[Andrew H.]
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Gee, A.P.[Andrew P.] Co Author Listing * 6D Relocalisation for RGBD Cameras Using Synthetic View Regression
* Discovering Planes and Collapsing the State Space in Visual SLAM
* Real-Time Model-Based SLAM Using Line Segments
* Visual Mapping and Multi-modal Localisation for Anywhere AR Authoring
Includes: Gee, A.P.[Andrew P.] Gee, A.P.

Gee, C.[Christelle] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Nitrogen Nutrition Index of Winter Wheat Canopy from Visible Images for a Dynamic Monitoring of N Requirements
* DeepIndices: Remote Sensing Indices Based on Approximation of Functions through Deep-Learning, Application to Uncalibrated Vegetation Images
* Development of a machine vision system for a real time precision sprayer
* efficient vision system to measure granule velocity and mass flow distribution in fertiliser centrifugal spreading, An
* RGB Image-Derived Indicators for Spatial Assessment of the Impact of Broadleaf Weeds on Wheat Biomass
* Unsupervised Classification Algorithm for Early Weed Detection in Row-Crops by Combining Spatial and Spectral Information
* Validation of a virtual agronomic image modelling
Includes: Gee, C.[Christelle] Gée, C.[Christelle] Gee, C.
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Gee, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Groundwater-Induced Subsidence for London and Delhi Using PSInSAR
* Towards a Monitoring Approach for Understanding Permafrost Degradation and Linked Subsidence in Arctic Peatlands

Gee, J. Co Author Listing * Enhanced generative adversarial network for 3D brain MRI super-resolution
* Multivariate analysis of thalamo-cortical connectivity loss in TBI
Includes: Gee, J. Gee, J.[James]

Gee, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * email: Gee, J.C.[James C.]: gee AT grasp cis upenn edu
* 3D Mouse Brain Reconstruction from Histology Using a Coarse-to-Fine Approach
* Analyzing Effects of Intra-Uterine Cocaine Exposure on Adolescent Brain Structure with Symmetric Diffeomorphisms
* Computational White Matter Atlas for Aging with Surface-Based Representation of Fasciculi, A
* Continuous Curve Matching with Scale-Space Curvature and Extrema-Based Scale Selection
* Continuous Medial Representation for Anatomical Structures
* Directly Manipulated Free-Form Deformation Image Registration
* Efficient Generation of Shape-Based Reference Frames for the Corpus Callosum for DTI-based Connectivity Analysis
* Elastic Matching of Diffusion Tensor Images
* Elastic Matching of Diffusion Tensor MRIs
* Estimation of image bias field with sparsity constraints
* Evaluation of Registration Methods on Thoracic CT: The EMPIRE10 Challenge
* Fuzzy, Nonparametric Segmentation Framework for DTI and MRI Analysis: With Applications to DTI-Tract Extraction, A
* Generalization of Free-Form Deformation Image Registration Within the ITK Finite Element Framework, A
* High-Dimensional Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images Improves the Detection of White Matter Differences: An Example Study Using Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
* Image Segmentation by Flexible Models Based on Robust Regularized Networks
* Improved FFD B-Spline Image Registration
* Measuring Cortical Thickness Using An Image Domain Local Surface Model And Topology Preserving Segmentation
* Multi-start Method with Prior Learning for Image Registration
* N4ITK: Improved N3 Bias Correction
* Nested Scale-Editing for Conditional Image Synthesis
* NODEO: A Neural Ordinary Differential Equation Based Optimization Framework for Deformable Image Registration
* Nonconservative Lagrangian Framework for Statistical Fluid Registration: SAFIRA, A
* On matching brain volumes
* Point Set Registration Using Havrda-Charvat-Tsallis Entropy Measures
* Point similarity measures for non-rigid registration of multi-modal data
* Registration of diffusion tensor images
* Robust regularization for the estimation of intra-voxel axon fiber orientations
* Shape-Based Normalization of the Corpus Callosum for DTI Connectivity Analysis
* Similarity Measures for Matching Diffusion Tensor Images
* Single-Image Vignetting Correction from Gradient Distribution Symmetries
* Spatial transformations of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images
* Structure-Specific Statistical Mapping of White Matter Tracts using the Continuous Medial Representation
* Symmetric Diffeomorphic Image Registration: Evaluating Automated Labeling of Elderly and Neurodegenerative Cortex and Frontal Lobe
* Topological Repairing of 3D Digital Images
* Topological Well-Composedness and Glamorous Glue: A Digital Gluing Algorithm for Topologically Constrained Front Propagation
* Two-level MRF Models for Image Restoration and Segmentation
* Unified Image Registration Framework for ITK, A
Includes: Gee, J.C.[James C.] Gee, J.C.
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Gee, L.A. Co Author Listing * Reliable Location and Regression Estimates with Application to Range Image Segmentation
* Segmentation of Range Images Via Data Fusion and Morphological Watersheds

Gee, S.J. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Design for a Model-Supported Exploitation Workstation for Imagery Analysts
* RADIUS: Automating Image Analysis Through Model-Supported Exploitation

Gee, T. Co Author Listing * Automated Kauri trees detection in high resolution aerial images
* CUDA Implementation of a Point Cloud Shape Descriptor Method for Archaeological Studies
* dedicated lightweight binocular stereo system for real-time depth-map generation, A
* Distortion estimation to improve Tsai calibration for cameras with large optical distortion
* Estimating extrinsic parameters between a stereo rig and a multi-layer lidar using plane matching and circle feature extraction
* Evaluating using GoPro cameras and Tsai's calibration for video-based submerged river-bed reconstruction
* framework for multiscale intertidal sandflat mapping: A case study in the Whangateau estuary, A
* Guided Stereo to Improve Depth Resolution of a Small Baseline Stereo Camera Using an Image Sequence
* Lidar guided stereo simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for UAV outdoor 3-D scene reconstruction
* multi-scale framework for the automated surveying of the Whangateau estuary using off-the-shelf equipment, A
* Raspberry Pi 2-based stereo camera depth meter, A
* Real Time Multi-vehicle Tracking and Counting at Intersections from a Fisheye Camera
* Reconstruction with Guided PatchMatch Stereo
* Robust Tracking in Weakly Dynamic Scenes
* Tsai camera calibration enhanced
* Tsai's calibration applied for close-range hydraulic engineering research
Includes: Gee, T. Gee, T.[Trevor] Gee, T.[Tim]
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Gee, T.F.[Timothy F.] Co Author Listing * Face recognition using direct, weighted linear discriminant analysis and modular subspaces
* On Asymmetric Classifier Training for Detector Cascades
* On the Efficacy of Correcting for Refractive Effects in Iris Recognition
* Segmentation-Based Registration of Organs in Intraoperative Video Sequences

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