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Galo, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Extraction From High Resolution Aerial Imagery With Simple Linear Iterative Clustering and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Building Detection From Lidar Data Using Entropy and The K-means Concept
* Concept of Matching Parallelepiped and Its Use in the Correspondence Problem, The
* Generating Virtual Images from Oblique Frames
* Height Gradient Approach for Occlusion Detection in UAV Imagery
* Monitoring of Non-Linear Ground Movement in an Open Pit Iron Mine Based on an Integration of Advanced DInSAR Techniques Using TerraSAR-X Data
* Occlusion Detection by Height Gradient for True Orthophoto Generation, Using Lidar Data
* Registration and fusion of multiple images acquired with medium format cameras.
* Regularization of Building Roof Boundaries from Airborne LiDAR Data Using an Iterative CD-Spline
* Surface Reconstruction Using Multiple Light Sources and Perspective Projection
* Urban Scene Classification Using Features Extracted From Photogrammetric Point Clouds Acquired by UAV
* Using Relative Orientation Constraints To Produce Virtual Images From Oblique Frames
Includes: Galo, M. Galo, M.[Mauricio] Galo, M.[Maurício]
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Galo, M.D.B.T.[Maria De_Lourdes B. T.] Co Author Listing * Pix2pix Conditional Generative Adversarial Network with MLP Loss Function for Cloud Removal in a Cropland Time Series

Galo, M.L.B.T. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of SAR to Optical Image Translation Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Cloud Removal In a Crop Dataset
* Land Use and Land Cover Classification Using Hyperspectral Imagery: Evaluating The Performance of Spectral Angle Mapper, Support Vector Machine and Random Forest

Galone, L.[Luciano] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Characteristics of an Active Coastal Spreading Area Combining Geophysical Data with Satellite, Aerial, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Images

Galonetti, L.F.[Luis F.] Co Author Listing * Going Deeper on BioImages Classification: A Plant Leaf Dataset Case Study
Includes: Galonetti, L.F.[Luis F.] Galonetti, L.F.[Luís F.]

Galoogahi, H.K.[Hamed Kiani] Co Author Listing * Abnormality Detection with Improved Histogram of Oriented Tracklets
* Correlation filter cascade for facial landmark localization
* Correlation filters with limited boundaries
* Face sketch recognition by Local Radon Binary Pattern: LRBP
* Learning Background-Aware Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
* Multi-channel Correlation Filters
* Need for Speed: A Benchmark for Higher Frame Rate Object Tracking
* Person re-identification using multiple first-person-views on wearable devices
* Rethinking Reprojection: Closing the Loop for Pose-Aware Shape Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Shape Classification Using Local and Global Features
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Tracking Groups of People in Presence of Occlusion
Includes: Galoogahi, H.K.[Hamed Kiani] Galoogahi, H.K.
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Galopeau, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The

Galopin, G.[Gilles] Co Author Listing * Shape descriptors to characterize the shoot of entire plant from multiple side views of a motorized depth sensor

Galopin, S. Co Author Listing * Very High Resolution Land Cover Mapping of Urban Areas At Global Scale With Convolutional Neural Networks

Galoppo, A. Co Author Listing * Information Mining in Remote Sensing Image Archives: System Concepts

Galoppo, T.[Travis] Co Author Listing * Graph Regularized Autoencoder and its Application in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection

Galor, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Comparing Performances of Five Distinct Automatic Classifiers for Fin Whale Vocalizations in Beamformed Spectrograms of Coherent Hydrophone Array

Galor, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * Estimating Gothic facade architecture from imagery
* REVEAL intermediate report
Includes: Galor, K.[Katharina] Galor, K.[Katarina]

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