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Gal Tzur, A.[Ayelet] Co Author Listing * Effects of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication Reliability on Performance of Signalized Intersection Traffic Control, The
* Enhancing transport data collection through social media sources: methods, challenges and opportunities for textual data
Includes: Gal Tzur, A.[Ayelet] Gal-Tzur, A.[Ayelet] Gal-Tzur, A.

Gal, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Directional Votes of Optical Flow Projections for Independent Motion Detection
* Independent Motion Detection in the Light of the Aperture Problem
* Lightweight mobile object recognition
* Recognition of Hand-Written Archive Text Documents
Includes: Gal, M.[Monika] Gál, M.[Mónika]

Gal, O. Co Author Listing * Visible Routes In 3D Dense City Using Reinforcement Learning

Gal, R.[Ran] Co Author Listing * ASIST: Automatic semantically invariant scene transformation
* Autosimulate: (quickly) Learning Synthetic Data Generation
* Contour Completion Model for Augmenting Surface Reconstructions, A
* HyperStyle: StyleGAN Inversion with HyperNetworks for Real Image Editing
* LARGE: Latent-Based Regression through GAN Semantics
* MRGAN: Multi-Rooted 3D Shape Representation Learning with Unsupervised Part Disentanglement
* Photorealistic Image Synthesis for Object Instance Detection
* Progress in the restoration of image sequences degraded by atmospheric turbulence
* This Is My Unicorn, Fluffy: Personalizing Frozen Vision-Language Representations
* Visual-Linguistic Methods for Receipt Field Recognition
Includes: Gal, R.[Ran] Gal, R.[Rinon] Gal, R. Gal, R.[Ronen]
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Gal, S.[Shmuel] Co Author Listing * Properties and convergence of a posteriori probabilities in classification problems

Gal, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * Estimating Ocean Vector Winds and Currents Using a Ka-Band Pencil-Beam Doppler Scatterometer
* Ka-Band Doppler Scatterometry over a Loop Current Eddy
* Measuring Winds and Currents with Ka-Band Doppler Scatterometry: An Airborne Implementation and Progress towards a Spaceborne Mission
Includes: Gal, T.[Tamas] Gál, T.[Tamás]

Gal, V.[Viktor] Co Author Listing * Multiple kernel learning based modality classification for medical images

Gal, Y.[Yaniv] Co Author Listing * Anti-Sequences: Event Detection by Frame Stacking
* Automated Classification of Bone and Air Volumes for Hybrid PET-MRI Brain Imaging
* Automatic Brain Tumour Segmentation in 18F-FDOPA PET Using PET/MRI Fusion
* Automatic Detection of Arterial Voxels in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Images of the Brain
* Automatic Estimation of Nearshore Wave Height from Video Timestacks
* Deep Deterministic Uncertainty: A New Simple Baseline
* Denoising of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Images Using Dynamic Nonlocal Means
* Feature and Classifier Selection for Automatic Classification of Lesions in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of the Breast
* Long-Term Automated Monitoring of Nearshore Wave Height From Digital Video
* Multi-spectral multi-image super-resolution of Sentinel-2 with radiometric consistency losses and its effect on building delineation
* Multi-task Learning Using Uncertainty to Weigh Losses for Scene Geometry and Semantics
* Multiple Instance Learning for Breast Cancer Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Mutual information-based binarisation of multiple images of an object: An application in medical imaging
* Performance Analysis of Three Microscope Slide Scanning Techniques
* Propagating Uncertainty Across Cascaded Medical Imaging Tasks for Improved Deep Learning Inference
* Qualitative and Quantitave Analysis of Six Image Fusion Methodologies and Their Application to Medical Imaging
Includes: Gal, Y.[Yaniv] Gal, Y. Gal, Y.[Yarin]
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