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Furnari, A. Co Author Listing * Affine Covariant Features for Fisheye Distortion Local Modeling
* Affine region detectors on the fisheye domain
* Deep Learning for Assistive Computer Vision
* Distortion Adaptive Descriptors: Extending Gradient-Based Descriptors to Wide Angle Images
* Distortion adaptive Sobel filters for the gradient estimation of wide angle images
* EGO-CH: Dataset and fundamental tasks for visitors behavioral understanding using egocentric vision
* EgoCart: A Benchmark Dataset for Large-Scale Indoor Image-Based Localization in Retail Stores
* Egocentric Action Anticipation by Disentangling Encoding and Inference
* Egocentric Shopping Cart Localization
* Egocentric visitor localization and artwork detection in cultural sites using synthetic data
* Egocentric visitors localization in natural sites
* EPIC-KITCHENS Dataset: Collection, Challenges and Baselines, The
* Estimating the occupancy status of parking areas by counting cars and non-empty stalls
* Experimental Analysis of Saliency Detection with Respect to Three Saliency Levels, An
* Generalized Sobel Filters for gradient estimation of distorted images
* GRAPHJ: A Forensics Tool for Handwriting Analysis
* How Shall We Evaluate Egocentric Action Recognition?
* Knowledge Distillation for Action Anticipation via Label Smoothing
* Leveraging Uncertainty to Rethink Loss Functions and Evaluation Measures for Egocentric Action Anticipation
* Market basket analysis from egocentric videos
* MECCANO Dataset: Understanding Human-Object Interactions from Egocentric Videos in an Industrial-like Domain, The
* On Embodied Visual Navigation in Real Environments Through Habitat
* Personal-location-based temporal segmentation of egocentric videos for lifelogging applications
* Predicting the future from first person (egocentric) vision: A survey
* Recognizing Personal Contexts from Egocentric Images
* Recognizing Personal Locations From Egocentric Videos
* Rolling-Unrolling LSTMs for Action Anticipation from First-Person Video
* Scaling Egocentric Vision: The Epic Kitchens Dataset
* SceneAdapt: Scene-based domain adaptation for semantic segmentation using adversarial learning
* Semantic Object Segmentation in Cultural Sites using Real and Synthetic Data
* Temporal Segmentation of Egocentric Videos to Highlight Personal Locations of Interest
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection in Cultural Sites
* unsupervised domain adaptation scheme for single-stage artwork recognition in cultural sites, An
* VEDI: Vision Exploitation for Data Interpretation
* What Would You Expect? Anticipating Egocentric Actions With Rolling-Unrolling LSTMs and Modality Attention
Includes: Furnari, A. Furnari, A.[Antonino]
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Furnari, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Challenges in automatic Munsell color profiling for cultural heritage

Furnas, M.[Miles] Co Author Listing * Bottom Reflectance in Ocean Color Satellite Remote Sensing for Coral Reef Environments

Furnell, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Exploring touch-based behavioral authentication on smartphone email applications in IoT-enabled smart cities

Furness, P. Co Author Listing * Exploiting IEEE-1355 Routable Serial Links in a Real Time Vision Architecture

Furntratt, H.[Hermann] Co Author Listing * Automatic Quality Analysis for Film and Video Restoration

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