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El Dabi, S.S.[Sherif Sami] Co Author Listing * Arabic character recognition system: A statistical approach for recognizing cursive typewritten text
Includes: El Dabi, S.S.[Sherif Sami] El-Dabi, S.S.[Sherif Sami]

El Dahshan, E.S.A.[El Sayed A.] Co Author Listing * Computational intelligence techniques for human brain MRI classification
* Intelligent hybrid approaches for human ECG signals identification
Includes: El Dahshan, E.S.A.[El Sayed A.] El-Dahshan, E.S.A.[El-Sayed A.]

El Daly, H.[Hesham] Co Author Listing * Gamma-Gaussian mixture model for detection of mitotic cells in breast cancer histopathology images, A
* Lizard: A Large-Scale Dataset for Colonic Nuclear Instance Segmentation and Classification
Includes: El Daly, H.[Hesham] El-Daly, H.[Hesham]

El Damatty, A.[Ashraf] Co Author Listing * Stochastic Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing Model in Green Environment With Customer Satisfaction

El Daoudi, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * 3D shape Retrieval Using Bag-of-Feature Method Basing on Local Codebooks
* Accelerator-Based implementation of the Harris Algorithm

El Desoky, H.M.[Hatem M.] Co Author Listing * Hydrothermal Alteration Mapping Using Landsat 8 and ASTER Data and Geochemical Characteristics of Precambrian Rocks in the Egyptian Shield: A Case Study from Abu Ghalaga, Southeastern Desert, Egypt
Includes: El Desoky, H.M.[Hatem M.] El-Desoky, H.M.[Hatem M.]

El Dessouki, O. Co Author Listing * Multi-phase recognition of multifont photoscript Arabic text

El Diasty, M. Co Author Listing * Integrity Analysis of Real-Time PPP Technique with IGS-RTS Service for Maritime Navigation
* Optimal Lowest Astronomical Tide Estimation Using Maximum Likelihood Estimator with Multiple Ocean Models Hybridization
* Satellite-Based Bathymetric Modeling Using a Wavelet Network Model
Includes: El Diasty, M. El-Diasty, M. El-Diasty, M.[Mohammed]

El Diasty, T. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI-Based Early Detection of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection
Includes: El Diasty, T. El-Diasty, T.

El dib, A.[Amr] Co Author Listing * New feature-based detection of blood vessels and exudates in color fundus images
Includes: El dib, A.[Amr] El-dib, A.[Amr]

El Dib, M.Y.[Mohamed Y.] Co Author Listing * Human age estimation using enhanced bio-inspired features (EBIF)
Includes: El Dib, M.Y.[Mohamed Y.] El-Dib, M.Y.[Mohamed Y.]

El Dimeery, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Speed prediction from mobile sensors using cellular phone-based traffic data

El Din El Madany, N.[Nour] Co Author Listing * Human action recognition by fusing deep features with Globality Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Human action recognition via multiview discriminative analysis of canonical correlations
* Information Fusion for Human Action Recognition via Biset/Multiset Globality Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Multimodal Learning for Human Action Recognition Via Bimodal/Multimodal Hybrid Centroid Canonical Correlation Analysis

El Din, M.F.[Mahmoud Fakhr] Co Author Listing * Sketch recognition using particle swarm algorithms

El Din, M.S.[Mohab Safey] Co Author Listing * Complete Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four-Point Problem
* Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four and Five-Line Problems

El Din, S.N. Co Author Listing * Fragile and semi-fragile image authentication based on image self-similarity
* Image authentication using generalised finite automata
Includes: El Din, S.N. El-Din, S.N.

El Din, Y.S.[Yomna Safaa] Co Author Listing * Deep convolutional neural networks for face and iris presentation attack detection: survey and case study
* Landmarks-SIFT Face Representation for Gender Classification
Includes: El Din, Y.S.[Yomna Safaa] El-Din, Y.S.[Yomna Safaa]

El Doker, T.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient region boundary approximation using adaptive smoothing and second-order B-splines
* Initial results on the development of a new wafer inspection paradigm

El dosuky, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * COVID-19 vs influenza viruses: A cockroach optimized deep neural network classification approach
Includes: El dosuky, M.A.[Mohamed A.] El-dosuky, M.A.[Mohamed A.]

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