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Done, F.[Fay] Co Author Listing * SkySat Data Quality Assessment within the EDAP Framework

Done, G.[Gundega] Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Detection and Localization of Red Deer Cervus elaphus Using Passive Acoustic Sensors during the Rut

Donegan, C.[Ciaran] Co Author Listing * VPU Specific CNNs through Neural Architecture Search
Includes: Donegan, C.[Ciaran] Donegan, C.[Ciarán]

Donegan, S.[Sean] Co Author Listing * Plug-And-Play Image Reconstruction Meets Stochastic Variance-Reduced Gradient Methods

Donelli, M. Co Author Listing * Classification Approach Based on SVM for Electromagnetic Subsurface Sensing, A
* Integrated Multiscaling Strategy Based on a Particle Swarm Algorithm for Inverse Scattering Problems, An
* Inversion of Phaseless Total Field Data Using a Two-Step Strategy Based on the Iterative Multiscaling Approach
* Remote Inspection of the Structural Integrity of Engineering Structures and Materials With Passive MST Probes
* Three-Dimensional Microwave Imaging Problems Solved Through an Efficient Multiscaling Particle Swarm Optimization

Doner, B.[Berkay] Co Author Listing * PaintInStyle: One-Shot Discovery of Interpretable Directions by Painting

Doner, J.F. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Motion Prediction, A
* Minimal Conditions for the Visual Detection of Structure and Motion in Three Dimensions

Donescu, I. Co Author Listing * Combining Visual and Detection Models in Spread-spectrum Watermarking
* Shape-Adaptive Transform for Object-Based Coding, A
Includes: Donescu, I. Donescu, I.[Ioana]

Doneus, M. Co Author Listing * Advancing The Documentation Of Buried Archaeological Landscapes
* Airborne Laser Bathymetry for Documentation of Submerged Archaeological Sites in Shallow Water
* Analysis of Mobile Laser Scanning Data and Multi-View Image Reconstruction
* ARCTIS: A MATLAB® Toolbox for Archaeological Imaging Spectroscopy
* Automated Archiving of Archaeological Aerial Images
* Impact of Vegetation on the Visibility of Archaeological Features in Airborne Laser Scanning Datasets from Different Acquisition Dates, The
* Interdisciplinary Investigations of the Neolithic Circular Ditch Enclosure of Velm (Lower Austria)
* Investigation on the Automatic Geo-Referencing of Archaeological UAV Photographs by Correlation with Pre-Existing Ortho-Photos
* Mind Your Grey Tones: Examining the Influence of Decolourization Methods on Interest Point Extraction and Matching for Architectural Image-Based Modelling
* Multi-Wavelength Airborne Laser Scanning for Archaeological Prospection
* Openness as Visualization Technique for Interpretative Mapping of Airborne Lidar Derived Digital Terrain Models
* Relative Radiometric Calibration of Airborne LiDAR Data for Archaeological Applications
Includes: Doneus, M. Doneus, M.[Michael]
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Doneus, N. Co Author Listing * Airborne Laser Bathymetry for Documentation of Submerged Archaeological Sites in Shallow Water

Doneva, M. Co Author Listing * Computational MRI: Compressive Sensing and Beyond
* Mathematical Models for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction: An Overview of the Approaches, Problems, and Future Research Areas

Donevski, D.[Davor] Co Author Listing * Colorimetrically accurate gray component replacement using the additive model

Donezar, U.[Uxue] Co Author Listing * Applicability of the MultiTemporal Coherence Approach to Sentinel-1 for the Detection and Delineation of Burnt Areas in the Context of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service

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