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Dome, G.J. Co Author Listing * Technique for Ground/Image Truthing Using a Digital Map to Reduce the Number of Required Measurements

Domenech Asensi, G.[Gines] Co Author Listing * All-hardware SIFT implementation for real-time VGA images feature extraction
Includes: Domenech Asensi, G.[Gines] Doménech-Asensi, G.[Ginés]

Domenech, A.[Antoni] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Spatial Coverage of Public Transport Networks in Tourist Destinations, A
* Identifying the Socio-Spatial Logics of Foreclosed Housing Accumulated by Large Private Landlords in Post-Crisis Catalan Cities
* Using Flickr Geotagged Photos to Estimate Visitor Trajectories in World Heritage Cities
Includes: Domenech, A.[Antoni] Domènech, A.[Antoni]

Domenech, M.A.R.[Maria Angeles Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Patterns of School Preference about the Local Heritage in Medium-Size Cities of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). The Case of Ciudad Real
Includes: Domenech, M.A.R.[Maria Angeles Rodriguez] Domenech, M.Á.R.[María Ángeles Rodríguez]

Domeneghetti, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Flow Duration Curve from Satellite: Potential of a Lifetime SWOT Mission
* Preface: Remote Sensing for Flood Mapping and Monitoring of Flood Dynamics

Domenger, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * 3D Image Topological Structuring with an Oriented Boundary Graph for Split and Merge Segmentation
* Adaptive regularization of the NL-means for video denoising
* Anatomically Constrained Weak Classifier Fusion for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
* Case Study of a Calibration Problem in Acquired Hyperspectral Images
* Centerlines of Tubular Volumes Based on Orthogonal Plane Estimation
* character degradation model for grayscale ancient document images, A
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using Bag-Of-Regions
* Document Images Indexing with Relevance Feedback: An Application to Industrial Context
* Document Recto-verso Registration Using a Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm
* Face de-identification with expressions preservation
* HD motion estimation in a wavelet pyramid in JPEG2000 context
* heuristic for the retrieval of objects in video in the framework of the rough indexing paradigm, A
* Hierarchical clustering model for pixel-based classification of document images
* Improving curve skeletons of tubular volumes
* Incremental modifications of segmented image defined by discrete maps
* Mojette reconstruction from noisy projections
* new processing sequence to assess airways using 3D CT-scan, A
* Oriented Boundary Graph: A Framework to Design and Implement 3D Segmentation Algorithms
* Perceptually-guided deep neural networks for ego-action prediction: Object grasping
* Quality Evaluation of Ancient Digitized Documents for Binarization Prediction
* Quality evaluation of degraded document images for binarization result prediction
* Representation of segmented images with discrete geometric maps
* Retrieval of objects in video by similarity based on graph matching
* Saliency Driven Object recognition in egocentric videos with deep CNN: Toward application in assistance to Neuroprostheses
* Scalable Object-Based Video Retrieval in HD Video Databases
* Semi-synthetic Document Image Generation Using Texture Mapping on Scanned 3D Document Shapes
* Sinogram Restoration Using Confidence Maps to Reduce Metal Artifact in Computed Tomography
* Super-Resolution Mosaicing from MPEG Compressed Video
* Use of Motion Information in Super-Resolution Mosaicing
Includes: Domenger, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Domenger, J.P.[Jean-Philippe] Domenger, J.P. Domenger, J.P.[Jean-Philipe]
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Domenica, C.[Costantino] Co Author Listing * Features and Ground Automatic Extraction from Airborne Lidar Data

Domeniconi, C.[Carlotta] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Metric Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Kernel Pooled Local Subspaces for Classification
* Locally Adaptive Metric Nearest-Neighbor Classification
* Nearest neighbor ensemble
* Semi-supervised classification based on random subspace dimensionality reduction
Includes: Domeniconi, C.[Carlotta] Domeniconi, C.

Domeniconi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * ScanNeRF: a Scalable Benchmark for Neural Radiance Fields

Domeniconi, G. Co Author Listing * Video Action Recognition With an Additional End-to-End Trained Temporal Stream

Domenikiotis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Study of the Spatiotemporal Variability of Oceanographic Parameters and Their Relationship to Holothuria Species Abundance in a Marine Protected Area of the Mediterranean Using Satellite Imagery

Domenjoud, E. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic Discrete Parabolas
* Facet Connectedness of Arithmetic Discrete Hyperplanes with Non-Zero Shift
* Facet Connectedness of Discrete Hyperplanes with Zero Intercept: The General Case
* On the Connecting Thickness of Arithmetical Discrete Planes
* Special Issue on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery
Includes: Domenjoud, E. Domenjoud, E.[Eric]

Domey, J. Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation of Deformable Motion Parameters from Range Image Sequence
* Face Recognition with Range Images and Intensity Images
* Optimized position sensors for flying-spot active triangulation systems
* Position sensitive light spot detector
* Real world modelling through high resolution digital 3D imaging of objects and structures
Includes: Domey, J. Domey, J.[Jacques]

Domeyer, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * InAction: Interpretable Action Decision Making for Autonomous Driving

Domeyer, J.E.[Joshua E.] Co Author Listing * Driver-Pedestrian Perceptual Models Demonstrate Coupling: Implications for Vehicle Automation
* Interdependence in Vehicle-Pedestrian Encounters and its Implications for Vehicle Automation

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