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Dao, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Affective and Content Analysis of Online Depression Communities

Dao, C.D.[Cuong D.] Co Author Listing * Guess where? Actor-supervision for spatiotemporal action localization

Dao, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Scalability vs. Utility: Do We Have to Sacrifice One for the Other in Data Importance Quantification?
* SliceNets: A Scalable Approach for Object Detection in 3D CT Scans
Includes: Dao, D.[David] Dao, D.[Duy]

Dao, D.P.[Duy Phuong] Co Author Listing * Survival Analysis based on Lung Tumor Segmentation using Global Context-aware Transformer in Multimodality
Includes: Dao, D.P.[Duy Phuong] Dao, D.P.[Duy-Phuong]

Dao, D.S.[Duy Son] Co Author Listing * Visiting the Invisible: Layer-by-Layer Completed Scene Decomposition
Includes: Dao, D.S.[Duy Son] Dao, D.S.[Duy-Son]

Dao, D.T. Co Author Listing * Ship Echo Identification Based on Norm-Constrained Adaptive Beamforming for an Arrayed High-Frequency Coastal Radar

Dao, E.V.[Eugene V.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Sporadic-E Occurrence Rates Using GPS Radio Occultation and Ionosonde Measurements, A

Dao, H. Co Author Listing * Human Density Estimation by Exploiting Deep Spatial Contextual Information
* Information Dissemination Delay in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Networks in a Traffic Stream
* iTASK - Intelligent Traffic Analysis Software Kit
* Recognizing Families through Images with Pretrained Encoder
Includes: Dao, H. Dao, H.[Hieu]

Dao, H.N.[Hung N.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatiotemporal Drought Dynamics and Its Related Environmental Issues in the Mekong River Delta

Dao, M.[Minh] Co Author Listing * Group structured dirty dictionary learning for classification
* Multi-task image classification via collaborative, hierarchical spike-and-slab priors
* Structured Sparse Priors for Image Classification

Dao, M.D.[Minh D.] Co Author Listing * Error concealment via 3-mode tensor approximation
* Radio-frequency interference separation and suppression from ultrawideband radar data via low-rank modeling
* Temporal rate up-conversion of synthetic aperture radar via low-rank matrix recovery

Dao, M.N.[Minh N.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic V2I/V2V Cooperative Scheme for Connectivity and Throughput Enhancement
* Scheduling and Power Control for Connectivity Enhancement in Multi-Hop I2V/V2V Networks

Dao, M.S.[Minh Son] Co Author Listing * Abandoned Object's Owner Detection: A Case Study of Hybrid Mobile-Fixed Video Surveillance System
* Cross-modal Attention Model for Fine-Grained Incident Retrieval from Dashcam Videos, A
* Discovering inherent event taxonomies from social media collections
* Edge Potential Functions (EPF) and Genetic Algorithms (GA) for Edge-Based Matching of Visual Objects
* Edge potential functions and genetic algorithms for shape-based image retrieval
* Efficient Shape Matching Using Weighted Edge Potential Functions
* Event tactic analysis in sports video using spatio-temporal pattern
* MNR-AIR: An Economic and Dynamic Crowdsourcing Mechanism to Collect Personal Lifelog and Surrounding Environment Dataset. A Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
* Modeling visual information by spatio-temporal patterns to analyze event tactic in sports video
* New Linguistic-Perceptual Event Model for Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video, A
* New Method for Boundary-Based Shape Matching and Retrieval, A
* SEPHLA: Challenges and Opportunities Within Environment-Personal Health Archives
Includes: Dao, M.S.[Minh Son] Dao, M.S.[Minh-Son]
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Dao, P.D.[Phuong D.] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Identification of Spectral Bands Related to Soil Organic Carbon Levels over an Agricultural Field in Southern Ontario, Canada
* Improving hyperspectral image segmentation by applying inverse noise weighting and outlier removal for optimal scale selection
* Object-Based Flood Mapping and Affected Rice Field Estimation with Landsat 8 OLI and MODIS Data
* Recent Advances of Hyperspectral Imaging Technology and Applications in Agriculture

Dao, S.K. Co Author Listing * Semantic agents for content-based discovery in distributed image libraries

Dao, S.V.T.[Son Vu Truong] Co Author Listing * High variation removal for background subtraction in traffic surveillance systems
Includes: Dao, S.V.T.[Son Vu Truong] Dao, S.V.T.[Son Vu-Truong]

Dao, T.[Tam] Co Author Listing * Regional Ionospheric Corrections for High Accuracy GNSS Positioning

Dao, T.H.[Thi Huong] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Estimating Mangrove Above-Ground Biomass Using Multiple Source Remote Sensing Data in the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam

Dao, T.H.D.[Thi Hong Diep] Co Author Listing * Metric, Topological, and Syntactic Accessibility in Three-Dimensional Urban Networked Spaces: Modeling Options and Visualization

Dao, T.K.[Trung Kien] Co Author Listing * Fully-automated person re-identification in multi-camera surveillance system with a robust kernel descriptor and effective shadow removal method

Dao, T.P.[Thien Phu] Co Author Listing * Practical Analyses of How Common Social Media Platforms and Photo Storage Services Handle Uploaded Images
Includes: Dao, T.P.[Thien Phu] Dao, T.P.[Thien-Phu]

Dao, T.S. Co Author Listing * Markov-Based Lane Positioning Using Intervehicle Communication

Dao, V.N.[Vinh Ninh] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Geometry Reconstruction Technique for Mobile Devices Using Adaptive Checkerboard Recognition and Epipolar Geometry, A
* Robust Recognition Technique for Dense Checkerboard Patterns, A

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