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Crocca, W.T.[William T.] Co Author Listing * Identification, characterization, and segmentation of Halftone or stippled regions of binary images by growing a seed to a clipping mask

Crocco, L. Co Author Listing * GPR Response From Buried Pipes: Measurement on Field Site and Tomographic Reconstructions
* Higher Order Inhomogeneous Impedance Boundary Conditions for Perfectly Conducting Objects
* Imaging Method for Concealed Targets, An
* Improved Sampling Methods for Shape Reconstruction of 3-D Buried Targets
* Model-Based Quantitative Cross-Borehole GPR Imaging via Virtual Experiments
* On the Design of Phased Arrays for Medical Applications
* Tomographic airborne ground penetrating radar imaging: Achievable spatial resolution and on-field assessment
Includes: Crocco, L. Crocco, L.[Lorenzo]
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Crocco, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Localisation from Multi-View Image Detections
* Closed Form Solution for the Self-Calibration of Heterogeneous Sensors, A
* Encoding Classes of Unaligned Objects Using Structural Similarity Cross-Covariance Tensors
* Factorization based structure from motion with object priors
* Heterogeneous Auto-similarities of Characteristics (HASC): Exploiting Relational Information for Classification
* Multiple Kernel Learning Approach to Multi-Modal Pedestrian Classification, A
* Seeing the Sound: A New Multimodal Imaging Device for Computer Vision
* Semantic Multi-body Motion Segmentation
* Structure from Motion with Objects
Includes: Crocco, M.[Marco] Crocco, M.
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Croce, A.I.[Antonello Ignazio] Co Author Listing * Transport System Models and Big Data: Zoning and Graph Building with Traditional Surveys, FCD and GIS

Croce, D.[Danilo] Co Author Listing * Robust Machine Learning Approach for Signal Separation and Classification, A
* Sentiment Polarity Classification at EVALITA: Lessons Learned and Open Challenges

Croce, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Randomized Gradient-Free Attack on ReLU Networks, A
* Scaling up the Randomized Gradient-Free Adversarial Attack Reveals Overestimation of Robustness Using Established Attacks
* Sparse and Imperceivable Adversarial Attacks
* Square Attack: A Query-efficient Black-box Adversarial Attack via Random Search
Includes: Croce, F.[Francesco] Croce, F.

Croce, P.[Pietro] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Current Trends of Climatic Actions in Europe Based on Observations and Regional Reanalysis
* Focused ultrasound brain stimulation to anesthetized rats induces long-term changes in somatosensory evoked potentials
Includes: Croce, P.[Pietro] Croce, P.[Phillip]

Croce, V. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Earthquake-induced Damage Level On Buildings: Analysis Of Two Different Survey Methods for a Case Study
* From the Semantic Point Cloud to Heritage-Building Information Modeling: A Semiautomatic Approach Exploiting Machine Learning
* One size does not fit all: multimodal search on mobile and desktop devices with the I-SEARCH search engine
* Semantic Annotations on Heritage Models: 2d/3d Approaches and Future Research Challenges
Includes: Croce, V. Croce, V.[Valeria] Croce, V.[Vincenzo]

Crocetti, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Discontinuity Detection in GNSS Station Coordinate Time Series Using Machine Learning

Crocetto, N. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Roman Bridge By The Integration of Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetric Survey for Structural Analysis Purpose
* Class-Oriented Strategy for Features Extraction from Multidate ASTER Imagery, A

Crochemore, L.[Louise] Co Author Listing * Impact of Satellite and In Situ Data Assimilation on Hydrological Predictions

Crochemore, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms, A
* Two-Way String-Matching
Includes: Crochemore, M.[Maxime] Crochemore, M.

Croci, R. Co Author Listing * SHAllow RADar (SHARAD) Onboard the NASA MRO Mission, The

Croci, S. Co Author Listing * framework for quality control in cinematic VR based on Voronoi patches and saliency, A
* Robust global and local color matching in stereoscopic omnidirectional content
* Sharpness Mismatch Detection in Stereoscopic Content with 360-Degree Capability
Includes: Croci, S. Croci, S.[Simone]

Crocker, D.A.[Dylan A.] Co Author Listing * Compensation of Dispersion in Sinuous Antennas for Polarimetric Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

Crocker, E.V.[Ellen V.] Co Author Listing * Competition and Burn Severity Determine Post-Fire Sapling Recovery in a Nationally Protected Boreal Forest of China: An Analysis from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Crocker, R.I. Co Author Listing * Computing Coastal Ocean Surface Currents From Infrared and Ocean Color Satellite Imagery

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