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Burca, G. Co Author Listing * Core Imaging Library - Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imaging

Burca, M.[Mihai] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Air Quality in Urban Areas Using a Vehicle Sensor Network (VSN) Crowdsensing Paradigm

Burcea, S.[Sorin] Co Author Listing * NeXtNow: A Convolutional Deep Learning Model for the Prediction of Weather Radar Data for Nowcasting Purposes

Burceanu, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Learning a Robust Society of Tracking Parts Using Co-occurrence Constraints

Burch, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * CLICK-IT: Interactive Television Highlighter for Sports Action Replay

Burch, K.[Kara] Co Author Listing * Terra Vega Active Light Source: A First Step in a New Approach to Perform Nighttime Absolute Radiometric Calibrations and Early Results Calibrating the VIIRS DNB, The

Burch, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * BiCluster Viewer: A Visualization Tool for Analyzing Gene Expression Data
* Cartesian vs. Radial: A Comparative Evaluation of Two Visualization Tools
* FamSearch: Visual Analysis of Genealogical Data
* Indented Pixel Tree Browser for Exploring Huge Hierarchies
* Indented Pixel Tree Plots
* Subversion Statistics Sifter
* Visualizing Software Metrics in a Software System Hierarchy
* Web-based Eye Tracking Data Visualization Tool, A
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Burch, S.F. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration by a Powerful Maximum Entropy Method

Burchard Levine, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Adaptation of the Thermal-Based Two-Source Energy Balance Model for Estimating Evapotranspiration in a Semiarid Tree-Grass Ecosystem
Includes: Burchard Levine, V.[Vicente] Burchard-Levine, V.[Vicente]

Burchard, L. Co Author Listing * Estimating Decoding Times of MPEG-2 Video Streams

Burcher, M.R. Co Author Listing * Deformation Correction in Ultrasound Images Using Contact Force Measurements
* Nonrigid registration of 3-D free-hand ultrasound images of the breast

Burchett, L.[Lee] Co Author Listing * Parallelized Iterative Closest Point for Autonomous Aerial Refueling

Burchfield, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Application Of Machine Learning To The Prediction Of Vegetation Health

Burchfield, J.G.[James G.] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification of fusion events in TIRF microscopy image sequences

Burchfield, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Expanding Accurate Person Recognition to New Altitudes and Ranges: The BRIAR Dataset

Burchi, A. Co Author Listing * Close Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Using a Mobile Mapping System for the High Detailed Survey of a Height Density Urban Area

Burchi, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Efficient Conformer for Robust Speech Recognition
* Conformer and Blind Noisy Students for Improved Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Swin2sr: Swinv2 Transformer for Compressed Image Super-resolution and Restoration

Burciu, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Sensing Forest for Pattern Recognition

Burckhardt, K. Co Author Listing * Submillimeter Measurement of Cup Migration in Clinical Standard Radiographs

Burckhardt, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Digital Basic Geodata Sets Hausumringe and Hauskoordinaten: Characterization and Pre-processing for Building Stock Analysis, The

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