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Boyle, A. Co Author Listing * Shape Deformation in Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography

Boyle, D. Co Author Listing * Determining Atmospheric Dust Concentrations During Strong Flow Perturbations Using a Digital-Optical Technique

Boyle, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Potential Effectiveness of Allocentric Mixed Reality Deictic Gesture

Boyle, J. Co Author Listing * Deep trajectory representation-based clustering for motion pattern extraction in videos
* PROTECT: Pervasive and useR fOcused biomeTrics bordEr projeCT: A Case Study
* Tracking performance evaluation on PETS 2015 Challenge datasets
* Vehicle subtype, make and model classification from side profile video
Includes: Boyle, J. Boyle, J.[Jonathan]

Boyle, K. Co Author Listing * GPU Implementation of the Affine Transform for 3D Image Registration

Boyle, L.N. Co Author Listing * Drivers' Adaptation to Adaptive Cruise Control: Examination of Automatic and Manual Braking
* Predicting Driver's Transition Time to a Secondary Task Given an in-Vehicle Alert
Includes: Boyle, L.N. Boyle, L.N.[Linda Ng]

Boyle, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * APE-V: Athlete Performance Evaluation using Video

Boyle, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Automated Ground-Plane Estimation for Trajectory Rectification
* Deformable Model using Probabalistic Labelling and Surface Relaxation to Segment MR Volumes, A
* Evaluating a Hidden Markov Model of Syntax in a Text Recognition System
* How Intelligent Cars Will Make Driving Easier and Greener
* Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision
* Nissan Developing Mind-Reading Cars That Anticipate Drivers' Next Moves and Act Accordingly
Includes: Boyle, R.[Roger] Boyle, R. Boyle, R.[Rebecca]

Boyle, R.D.[Richard D.] Co Author Listing * Active Stabilization of Images Acquired on a Walking Robotic Platform
* Automated estimation of tiller number in wheat by ribbon detection
* Building Class Sensitive Models for Tracking Applications
* Building Shape Models from Image Sequences using Piecewise Linear Approximation
* clustering algorithm for data-sets with a large number of classes, A
* Detecting Lameness in Livestock using Resampling Condensation and Multi-stream Cyclic Hidden Markov Models
* Detecting lameness using Re-sampling Condensation and multi-stream cyclic hidden Markov models
* Global Hand Pose Estimation by Multiple Camera Ellipse Tracking
* Integrating perceptual level of detail with head-pose estimation and its uncertainty
* Learning Models of Animal Behaviour for a Robotic Sheepdog
* Modelling Collective Animal Behaviour using Extended Point Distribution Models
* Multi-resolution template kernels
* new clustering algorithm with multiple runs of iterative procedures, A
* New segmentation techniques for document image analysis
* Performance Evaluation Metrics and Statistics for Positional Tracker Evaluation
* Recognition and Reconstruction of Primitives in Music Scores
* Rendering Optimizations Guided by Head-Pose Estimates and Their Uncertainty
* Review on Vision-Based Full DOF Hand Motion Estimation, A
* Scaling additional contributions to principal components analysis
* Segmentation of Music Primitives
* Some further results of three stage ML classification applied to remotely sensed images
* Tracking multiple sports players through occlusion, congestion and scale
* Vision-based hand pose estimation: A review
* Visual Hull Construction Using Adaptive Sampling
* Watermark location via back-lighting and recto removal
Includes: Boyle, R.D.[Richard D.] Boyle, R.D. Boyle, R.D.[Roger D.]
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Boyle, S. Co Author Listing * Subjective Study of Viewing Experience for Drone Videos Using Simulated Content, A

Boyle, W. Co Author Listing * Charge Coupled Semiconductor Devices

Boyles, S.D. Co Author Listing * On Optimizing Reservation-Based Intersection Controls

Boyling, T. Co Author Listing * Integration of range images in a multi-view stereo system

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