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Blin, R.[Rachel] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Polarimetric and Color Fusion for Road Scene Analysis In Adverse Weather Conditions
* new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis, A
* Physically-admissible polarimetric data augmentation for road-scene analysis
* PolarLITIS Dataset: Road Scenes Under Fog, The

Blinder, D.[David] Co Author Listing * CDF 9/7 wavelets as sparsifying operator in compressive holography
* Efficient scalable compression of sparsely sampled images
* Real-Time Computation of 3D Wireframes in Computer-Generated Holography
* Signal processing challenges for digital holographic video display systems

Blinder, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Microvascular Image Segmentation Using an Active Contours Mimicking Neural Network

Blinder, S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Event-Driven Motion Compensation in High-Resolution PET Incorporating Scattered and Random Events

Blinkenberg, M.[Morten] Co Author Listing * Segmenting Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Using a Spatially Constrained K-Nearest Neighbour Approach

Blinn, C.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Noise-Filtering Algorithm for AVIRIS Data With Implications for Classification Accuracy, An
* Automated Forest Area Estimation Using Iterative Guided Spectral Class Rejection
* Cloud-Sourcing: Using an Online Labor Force to Detect Clouds and Cloud Shadows in Landsat Images
* On-the-Fly Massively Multitemporal Change Detection Using Statistical Quality Control Charts and Landsat Data
Includes: Blinn, C.E. Blinn, C.E.[Christine E.]

Blinov, A. Co Author Listing * Generic approach to 3D elastic model fitting to volume data
* Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model and Generalized Technique for a Class of Image Processing Problems
* Reconstruction of 3-D Horizons From 3-D Seismic Datasets
* Variational Methods in Signal and Image Analysis

Blinova, K. Co Author Listing * Handwriting stroke extraction using a new XYTC transform

Blinowska, A. Co Author Listing * branch-and-bound algorithm for optimization of multiperspective classifier, A

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