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Bier, A.[Agnieszka] Co Author Listing * Error Analysis of Stereo Calibration and Reconstruction

Bierbooms, W.[Wim] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Severity of Wind Gusts with Lidar

Bierhaus, E.B.[Edward B.] Co Author Listing * Particle Size-Frequency Distributions of the OSIRIS-REx Candidate Sample Sites on Asteroid (101955) Bennu

Bieri, H. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the Euler Characteristic and Related Additive Functionals of Digital Objects
* Collaboration on Scene Graph Based 3D Data
* Computing the Euler Characteristic and Related Additive Functionals of Digital Objects from Their Bintree Representation
* Introducing Stereo Effects into Cel Animations
* SoccerMan-reconstructing soccer games from video sequences
Includes: Bieri, H. Bieri, H.[Hanspeter]

Bierig, R.[Ralf] Co Author Listing * faceted approach to reachability analysis of graph modelled collections, A

Bierkens, J. Co Author Listing * Tikhonov regularization versus scale space: A new result

Bierlaire, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Automatic Relevance Determination for Utility Function Specification in Discrete Choice Models
* Bayesian integration of a discrete choice pedestrian behavioral model and image correlation techniques for automatic multi object tracking
* Behavioral Priors for Detection and Tracking of Pedestrians in Video Sequences
* Cascade of descriptors to detect and track objects across any network of cameras
* Discrete Choice Models for Static Facial Expression Recognition
* Geometric Video Approximation Using Weighted Matching Pursuit
* master-slave approach for object detection and matching with fixed and mobile cameras, A
* Modelling human perception of static facial expressions
* Object Detection and Matching with Mobile Cameras Collaborating with Fixed Cameras
* Sample and Pixel Weighting Strategies for Robust Incremental Visual Tracking
* Scale Invariant Feature Transform on the Sphere: Theory and Applications
Includes: Bierlaire, M.[Michel] Bierlaire, M.
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Bierling, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Motion compensating interpolation considering covered and uncovered background

Biermann, H.[Henning] Co Author Listing * Defining Image Content with Multiple Regions-of-Interest
* Recovering Non-Rigid 3D Shape from Image Streams
* Regions-of-Interest and Spatial Layout for Content-Based Image Retrieval

Biermann, L.[Lauren] Co Author Listing * Advancing Floating Macroplastic Detection from Space Using Experimental Hyperspectral Imagery
* Maritime Vessel Classification to Monitor Fisheries with SAR: Demonstration in the North Sea
* Spotting Green Tides over Brittany from Space: Three Decades of Monitoring with Landsat Imagery

Biermann, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Processing Iconic Gestures in a Multimodal Virtual Construction Environment
* Variant Design in Immersive Virtual Reality: A Markup Language for Scalable CSG Parts

Bierme, H.[Hermine] Co Author Listing * Statistical Tests of Anisotropy for Fractional Brownian Textures. Application to Full-field Digital Mammography

Biernacki, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Assessing a Mixture Model for Clustering with the Integrated Completed Likelihood
* improvement of the NEC criterion for assessing the number of clusters in a mixture model, An
* Real-Time monophonic and polyphonic audio classification from power spectra
* Statistical Modelling for Image Retrieval Using a Biological Model of the Perceptive Colour Space
* Textual data summarization using the Self-Organized Co-Clustering model
Includes: Biernacki, C.[Christophe] Biernacki, C.

Biernacki, P. Co Author Listing * Doppler measurement of liquid flow in pipe using decimation and parametric spectral estimation method

Biernat, S.[Stanislaw] Co Author Listing * Usage of Airborne LiDAR Data and High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images in Implementing the Smart City Concept

Bierson, C.[Carver] Co Author Listing * Triton: Topography and Geology of a Probable Ocean World with Comparison to Pluto and Charon

Biertimpel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Prior to Segment: Foreground Cues for Weakly Annotated Classes in Partially Supervised Instance Segmentation

Bierwagen, J. Co Author Listing * Recording Cultural Heritage Using Terrestrial Laserscanning: Dealing with the System, the Huge Datasets They Create and Ways to Extract the Necessary Deliverables You Can Work with

Bierzynski, K.[Kay] Co Author Listing * Air-Writing with Sparse Network of Radars using Spatio-Temporal Learning

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