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Bezerianos, A.[Anastasios] Co Author Listing * Biomarker Selection System, Employing an Iterative Peak Selection Method, for Identifying Biomarkers Related to Prostate Cancer
* Comments on A closed-form nonparametric Bayesian estimator in the wavelet domain of images using an approximate [alpha]-stable prior
* Differential Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Malfunctions on Human Trust
* E-Key: An EEG-Based Biometric Authentication and Driving Fatigue Detection System
* Multikernel Capsule Network for Schizophrenia Identification
* Novel Bayesian multiscale method for speckle removal in medical ultrasound images
* On the channel density of EEG signals for reliable biometric recognition
* SAR image denoising via Bayesian wavelet shrinkage based on heavy-tailed modeling
* Wavelet-based Ultrasound Image Denoising Using an Alpha-stable Prior Probability Model
Includes: Bezerianos, A.[Anastasios] Bezerianos, A.
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Bezerra da Silva, W.[Wyllian] Co Author Listing * No-reference video quality assessment method based on spatio-temporal features using the ELM algorithm

Bezerra, B. Co Author Listing * Efficient Thresholding Algorithm for Brazilian Bank Checks, An
* FSSGR: Feature Selection System to Dynamic Gesture Recognition
Includes: Bezerra, B. Bezerra, B.[Byron]

Bezerra, B.G.[Bergson Guedes] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Influence of Deforestation on the Microphysical Parameters of Clouds in the Amazon
* Seasonal Ecosystem Productivity in a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (Caatinga) Using Flux Tower Measurements and Remote Sensing Data
* WUE and CO2 Estimations by Eddy Covariance and Remote Sensing in Different Tropical Biomes
Includes: Bezerra, B.G.[Bergson Guedes] Bezerra, B.G.[Bergson G.]

Bezerra, B.L.D.[Byron Leite Dantas] Co Author Listing * Deep learning approach to generate offline handwritten signatures based on online samples
* dynamic gesture recognition and prediction system using the convexity approach, A
* Heuristic Binarization Algorithm for Documents with Complex Background, A
* HU-PageScan: A fully convolutional neural network for document page crop
* new technique to threshold the courtesy amount of Brazilian bank checks, A
* robust handwritten recognition system for learning on different data restriction scenarios, A
Includes: Bezerra, B.L.D.[Byron Leite Dantas] Bezerra, B.L.D.[Byron L.D.] Bezerra, B.L.D.

Bezerra, D.X.[Diego X.] Co Author Listing * Marine Environmental Impact on CFAR Ship Detection as Measured by Wave Age in SAR Images

Bezerra, F.N. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of retinal vessel segmentation methods for microaneurysms detection
* Genetic Seam Carving: A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Content-Aware Image Retargeting
* Iterative self-dual reconstruction on radar image recovery
* Multiscale Corner Detection in Planar Shapes
* Parameter optimization of a multiscale descriptor for shape analysis on healthcare image datasets
Includes: Bezerra, F.N. Bezerra, F.N.[Francisco N.]

Bezerra, G.M.[Gabriel M.] Co Author Listing * novel feature extractor for human action recognition in visual question answering, A

Bezerra, H.[Heliana] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis between Wavelets for the Identification of Pathological Voices

Bezerra, H.G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Stent Detection in Intravascular OCT Using a Bayesian Network and Graph Search

Bezerra, M.A.[Murilo A.] Co Author Listing * Contributions to empirical analysis of keystroke dynamics in passwords
Includes: Bezerra, M.A.[Murilo A.] Bezerra, Jr., M.A.[Murilo A.]

Bezerra, N.[Nivando] Co Author Listing * Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Grayscale Images, A

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