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Arul Jothi, J.A.[J. Angel] Co Author Listing * Deep hybrid learning for facial expression binary classifications and predictions
Includes: Arul Jothi, J.A.[J. Angel] Arul-Jothi, J.A.[J. Angel]

Arulampalam, S. Co Author Listing * Gaussian-Sum Cubature Kalman Filter with Improved Robustness for Bearings-only Tracking
* influence of communication bandwidth on target tracking with angle only measurements from two platforms, The
* Target Motion Analysis Using Range-Only Measurements: Algorithms, Performance and Application to ISAR Data
* tutorial on particle filters for on-line non-linear/non-Gaussian Bayesian tracking, A
Includes: Arulampalam, S. Arulampalam, S.[Sanjeev]

Arulananth, T.S. Co Author Listing * Multi party secure data access management in cloud using user centric block chain data encryption

Arulanthu, P.[Pramila] Co Author Listing * intelligent IoT with cloud centric medical decision support system for chronic kidney disease prediction, An

Arulappan, A.[Anisha] Co Author Listing * Liver tumor segmentation using a new asymmetrical dilated convolutional semantic segmentation network in CT images

Aruliah, D.A. Co Author Listing * Stereo Reconstruction of Droplet Flight Trajectories

Arulkumar, N. Co Author Listing * HHO-Based Vector Quantization Technique for Biomedical Image Compression in Cloud Computing
* Machine Learning with Data Science-Enabled Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Classification Using Computed Tomography Images

Arulkumar, S. Co Author Listing * Generative Approach to Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Action Recognition, A

Arulkumaran, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * assistive haptic interface for appearance-based indoor navigation, An
* Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Brief Survey
* Generative Adversarial Networks: An Overview
Includes: Arulkumaran, K.[Kai] Arulkumaran, K.

Arulprakasam, R. Co Author Listing * Algebraic Properties of Parikh q-Matrices on Two-Dimensional Words
* Lyndon Partial Words and Arrays with Applications

Arulprakash, G. Co Author Listing * Mid-sagittal plane detection in brain magnetic resonance image based on multifractal techniques

Arulraj, M.[Malarvizhi] Co Author Listing * Study of Two Impactful Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains during Early 2020, Part II; Regional Overview, Rainfall Evolution, and Satellite QPE Utility, A

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