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Adluru, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Constrained Reconstruction of Sparse Cardiac MR DTI Data
* Improving Undersampled MRI Reconstruction Using Non-local Means

Adluru, N.[Nagesh] Co Author Listing * Abundant Inverse Regression Using Sufficient Reduction and Its Applications
* Applications of Epsilon Radial Networks in Neuroimage Analyses
* Canonical Correlation Analysis on Riemannian Manifolds and Its Applications
* Contour based object detection using part bundles
* Contour Grouping Based on Contour-Skeleton Duality
* Contour Grouping Based on Local Symmetry
* Coupled Harmonic Bases for Longitudinal Characterization of Brain Networks
* Coupled Harmonic Bases for Longitudinal Characterization of Brain Networks
* Efficient Relative Attribute Learning Using Graph Neural Networks
* Geometric Framework for Statistical Analysis of Trajectories with Distinct Temporal Spans, A
* Hot Spots Conjecture and Its Application to Modeling Tubular Structures
* Interpolation on the Manifold of K Component GMMs
* Latent Variable Graphical Model Selection Using Harmonic Analysis: Applications to the Human Connectome Project (HCP)
* Max margin general linear modeling for neuroimage analyses
* Merging maps of multiple robots
* Multivariate General Linear Models (MGLM) on Riemannian Manifolds with Applications to Statistical Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Images
* Particle filter with state permutations for solving image jigsaw puzzles
* Projection Free Method for Generalized Eigenvalue Problem with a Nonsmooth Regularizer, A
* Riemannian Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models: Analyzing Longitudinal Deformations in Neuroimaging
* Riemannian Variance Filtering: An Independent Filtering Scheme for Statistical Tests on Manifold-Valued Data
* Sequential Monte Carlo for Maximum Weight Subgraphs with Application to Solving Image Jigsaw Puzzles
* Shape guided contour grouping with particle filters
* Symmetry of Shapes Via Self-Similarity
Includes: Adluru, N.[Nagesh] Adluru, N.
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