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Abretske, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Intelligent frame selection for anatomic reconstruction from endoscopic video
* Nonrigid Shape and Motion from Multiple Perspective Views

Abreu Lima, C. Co Author Listing * Estimation of cavity centroids and regions of interest in echocardiographic images
Includes: Abreu Lima, C. Abreu-Lima, C.

Abreu Salas, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Characterization of contour regularities based on the Levenshtein edit distance
* Contour Regularity Extraction Based on String Edit Distance
Includes: Abreu Salas, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Abreu Salas, J.I.[Josť Ignacio]

Abreu, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Dynamics of Visual Events in the Multi-dimensional Semantic Concept Space
* Model-based graph segmentation in 2-D fluorescence microsecopy images
Includes: Abreu, A.[Andres] Abreu, A.

Abreu, B.[Brunno] Co Author Listing * Quality and Complexity Assessment of Learning-Based Image Compression Solutions

Abreu, E. Co Author Listing * New Efficient Approach for the Removal of Impulse Noise from Highly Corrupted Images, A
* new method of television signal deghosting, A

Abreu, F.H.O.[Fernando H. O.] Co Author Listing * Trajectory Scoring Tool for Local Anomaly Detection in Maritime Traffic Using Visual Analytics, A

Abreu, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing the best edit in perturbation-based iterative refinement algorithms to compute the median string
* improved fast edit approach for two-string approximated mean computation applied to OCR, An
* new iterative algorithm for computing a quality approximate median of strings based on edit operations, A

Abreu, M.[Marjory] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the impact of non-biometric information on multiclassifier processing for signature recognition applications

Abreu, M.C.C.[Marjory C.C.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the influence of the choice of the ensemble members in accuracy and diversity of selection-based and fusion-based methods for ensembles

Abreu, M.H.[Miguel Henriques] Co Author Listing * Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review

Abreu, M.R.S.[Maria R.S.] Co Author Listing * Radarsat-2 Backscattering for the Modeling of Biophysical Parameters of Regenerating Mangrove Forests

Abreu, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Procedural Point Cloud Modelling in Scan-to-BIM and Scan-vs-BIM Applications: A Review

Abreu, P.A.G. Co Author Listing * Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery

Abreu, P.H. Co Author Listing * Bi-Rads Classification of Breast Cancer: A New Pre-Processing Pipeline for Deep Models Training
* Going Back to Basics on Volumetric Segmentation of the Lungs in CT: A Fully Image Processing Based Technique
* How distance metrics influence missing data imputation with k-nearest neighbours
* Predicting Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review
Includes: Abreu, P.H. Abreu, P.H.[Pedro H.] Abreu, P.H.[Pedro Henriques]

Abreu, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * Flow cytometry with event-based vision and spiking neuromorphic hardware
* interactive web-based tool for breast reduction surgery simulation, An
Includes: Abreu, S.[Steven] Abreu, S.

Abreu, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Nearshore Bathymetry Retrieval from Wave-Based Inversion for Video Imagery

Abrevaya, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Likelihood Estimation With One-Way Flows
* Generalizing Neural Human Fitting to Unseen Poses with Articulated SE(3) Equivariance
* Towards Racially Unbiased Skin Tone Estimation via Scene Disambiguation

Abrevaya, V.F. Co Author Listing * Decoupled 3D Facial Shape Model by Adversarial Training, A
* I M Avatar: Implicit Morphable Head Avatars from Videos
* Multilinear Autoencoder for 3D Face Model Learning
* Spatiotemporal Modeling for Efficient Registration of Dynamic 3D Faces
Includes: Abrevaya, V.F. Abrevaya, V.F.[Victoria FernŠndez]

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