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9402 * *Digital Video Compression on Personal Computers: Algorithms and Techniques
* *Document Recognition
* *Image and Video Compression
* *Image and Video Processing II
* *Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection II
* Acquiring 3-D Models from a Sequence of Contours
* Analysis of the Effect of Gaussian Error in Object Recognition, An
* Automated Subpixel Image Registration Of Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Boundary Detection in a Hexagonal Grid Using Energy Minimization
* Boundary-Constrained Morphological Skeleton Minimization and Skeleton Reconstruction
* Catadioptric reduction projection optical system
* Computing Occluding and Transparent Motions
* Edge-Detection Using 2-Dimensional Local-Structure Information
* Effects of OCR Errors on Short Documents, The
* Electronic image stabilization apparatus
* Handwritten Digit Recognition Using an Optimized Nearest-Neighbor Classifier
* Hierarchical Deformation Model For Online Cursive Script Recognition, A
* Locating Perceptually Salient Points on Planar Curves
* Metareasoning in the Determination of Image Interpretation Strategies
* Method and apparatus for converting RGB digital data to optimized CMYK digital data
* Method for Representing Shape-Based on an Equivalence Relation on Polygons, A
* Motion and Structure from Feature Correspondences: A Review
* New Characterization of 3-Dimensional Simple Points, A
* Noniterative Procedure for Rapid and Precise Camera Calibration, A
* Nonparametric Sequential Method for Polygonal-Approximation of Digital Curves, A
* Performance Analysis of an OCR System Via an Artificial Handwritten Chinese Character Generator
* Performance of Optical Flow Techniques
* Proper Noun Detection in Document Images
* Quantizer control method and apparatus
* Real-Time Omnidirectional Image Sensor (COPIS) for Vision-Guided Navigation
* Recognizing Characters in Scene Images
* Representing the Color Aspect of Texture Images
* Retrieving Shape Information from Multiple Images of a Specular Surface
* Rotation and gray scale transform invariant texture identification using wavelet decomposition and hidden Markov model
* Skeleton Generation of Engineering Drawings via Contour Matching
* Smoothing and Matching of 3-D Space Curves
* Surveillance and tracking of ballistic missile launches
* Texture Segmentation Using 2-D Gabor Elementary Functions
* Topology Preservation in 3D Digital Space
* Toward Color Image Segmentation in Analog VLSI: Algorithm and Hardware
* Traffic flow measuring method and apparatus
* Variations on the Evidence-Based Object Recognition Theme
* Visual hull Concept for Silhouette-Based Image Understanding, The
* Visual Image Retrieval for Applications in Art and Art History
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