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8708 * Algorithm Design Specification for Interpreting Segmented Image Data Using Schemas and Support Logic
* Bi-Quadratic B-Spline Surfaces Generated from Arbitrary Polyhedral Meshes: A Constructive Approach
* CAD Model-Based Localization of Parts in Manufacturing
* CAD System Based on Spherical Dual Representations, A
* CAD-Based 3D Object Representation for Robot Vision
* CAD-Based Robot Vision
* Connect-the-Dots: A New Heuristic
* Convected Activation Profiles and Image Flow Extraction
* Design and Implementation of a Colour Vision Model for Computer Vision Applications
* Design of Optimal Gaussian Operators in Small Neighborhoods
* Determining Surface Orientation from Specular Highlights
* Fast Edge-Only Matching Techniques for Robot Pattern Matching
* Geometric Reasoning for Computer Vision
* Integrated range and luminance camera
* Method and device for handwritten letter recognition
* Model-Based Strategy Planning for Recognizing Partially Occluded Parts
* Octree Representation of Objects in Arbitrary Motion: Representation and Efficiency
* Parallel Binocular Stereo Algorithm Utilizing Dynamic Programming and Relaxation Labelling, A
* Positioning Three-Dimensional Objects Using Stereo Images
* Practical First-Difference Edge Detection with Subpixel Accuracy
* Prediction-Based Vision for Robot Control
* Recent Developments in Linear Quadtree-Based Geographic Information Systems
* Satellite camera image navigation
* Spacecraft camera image registration
* Thinning Algorithm Based on Contours, A
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