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8409 * Cluster Definition by the Optimization of Simple Measures
* Comments on Application of the Conditional Population-Mixture Model to Image Segmentation
* Deblurring Algorithm Using Edge Gradient for the Walsh-Hadamard Transform Image Coding System, A
* Detection of Discontinuities in the First Derivatives of Surfaces
* Distance Transformations in Arbitrary Dimensions
* Early Processing of Spatio-Temporal Visual Information, The
* Global and Partial Shape Discrimination for Computer Vision
* Learning Complex Structural Descriptions from Examples
* Low Level Image Segmentation: An Expert System
* Modeling of Atmospheric Disturbance in Meteorological Pictures
* Necessary and Sufficient Condition for a Picture to Represent a Polyhedral Scene, A
* On The Detection of Peaks and Valleys Using the Local Descriptors Method
* Parallel Algorithm for the Optimal Detection of a Noisy Curve, A
* Parallel Graph Algorithms
* Practical Real-Time Imaging Stereo Matcher
* Properties of Separable Covariance Matrices and Their Associated Gaussian Random Processes
* Reconstruction of Two-Directionally Connected Binary Patterns from Their Two Orthogonal Projections, The
* Recovery of Rigid Structure from Orthographically Projected Optical Flow
* Segmentation of Frame Sequence Obtained by a Moving Observer
* Some Experiments on Estimating the 3-D Motion Parameters of a Rigid Body from Two Consecutive Image Frames
* Spirograph Theory: A Framework for Calculations on Digitized Straight Lines
* Three-Dimensional Digital Planes
* Toward a Fundamental Theory of Optimal Feature Selection: Part I
* Trajectory Detection and Experimental Designs
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