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7506 * Analyzing Natural Images: A Computational Theory of Texture Vision
* Decomposition of Polygons into Simpler Components
* Edge Detection and Regionalized Terrain Classification from Satellite Photography
* Experiments in Terrain Classification on Landsat Imagery by Texture Analysis
* Extraction of Line Structures from Photographs of Curved Objects
* Hardware for Visual Image Processing
* Hierarchical Data Structure for Picture Processing, A
* Inferring the Position of Bodies from Specified Spatial Relationships
* Mixtures of Derivative Operators as Edge Detectors
* Modelling of Spatial Relations, The
* Mosaic Grammars
* On the Quantitative Evaluation of Edge Detection Schemes and Their Comparisons with Human Performance
* Recognizing Patterns: Are there Processes that Precede Feature Analysis?
* Stochastic Syntactic Decoding for Pattern Classification
* Syntactic Approach to Fingerprint Pattern Recognition, A
* Texture Analysis Using Gray Level Run Lengths
* Visual Learning from Multiple Views
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