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7207 * Analysis of Cells
* Automated Cloud Tracking Using Precisely Aligned Digital ATS Pictures
* Automatic Generation of Texture Feature Detectors
* Automatic Photo Comparision System
* Bayesian Recursive Image Estimation
* Digital Pictures Fifty Years Ago
* Edge and Curve Detection: Further Experiments
* Encoding and Decoding of Color Information Using Two-Dimensional Spatial Filtering
* End Points, Complexity, and Visual Illusions
* Extraction of Connected Edges from Knee Radiographs
* Graph Structures
* Image Processing by Digital Computer
* Image Processing in the Context of a Visual Model
* Image Restoration: The Removal of Spatially Invariant Degradations
* Interframe Coding of Videotelephone Pictures
* Intraframe Coding for Picture Transmission
* Layered Recognition Cone Networks That Preprocess Classify and Describe
* Objective Methods for Registering Landmarks and Determining Cloud Motions from Satellite Data
* Pattern Recognition Using Dynamic Pictorial Information
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters by Topological Feature Extraction and Multilevel Categorization
* Role of Recursive Estimation in Statistical Image Enhancement
* Space-Variant Image Motion Degradation and Restoration
* Techniques for Change Detection
* Texture Measures for Automatic Classification of Pulmonary Disease
* Transform Picture Coding
* Two Dimensional Bayesian Estimate of Images
* Variable-Valued Logic System as Applied to Picture Description and Recognition, A
* Visual Fidelity Criterion and Modeling
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