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SRMSF87 * *Spatial Reasoning and Multi-Sensor Fusion
* 3-D Curve Matching
* 3D Scene Analysis via Fusion of Light Striped Image and Intensity Image
* Approach To The Fusion Of Multiple Shape From Texture Algorithms, An
* Dealing with Space in Natural Language Processing
* Deictic and Intrinsic Use of Spatial Prepositions: A Multidisciplinary Comparison
* Efficient Navigation Through Dynamic Domains
* Eye Movement and Visual Cognition
* Figuring out Most Plausible Interpretation from Spatial Constraints
* Framework for Multi-Sensor Fusion in the Presence of Uncertainty, A
* Framework for Representing and Reasoning about Three-Dimensional Objects for Vision, A
* Free Space Modeling and Geometric Motion Planning Under Location Uncertainty
* Geometric Approach To Multisensor Fusion And Spatial Reasoning, A
* Hyper-Pyramids for Integration of Spatial Information
* Incremental Inference: Spatial Reasoning within a Blackboard Architecture
* Introduction and Analysis of a Straight Line Path Algorithm for Use in Binary Domains, An
* Issues in Shape Description and an Approach for Working with Sparse Data
* Locating Polyhedral Objects From Edge Point Data
* Low Level Information Fusion: Multisensor Scene Segmentation Using Learning Automata
* Management of Spatial Information in a Mobile Robot, The
* Mask: An Object Identification Algorithm
* Mathematical Tools For Representing Uncertainty In Perception
* Monitoring An Assembly Task By Perception Requests
* Multi-Sensor Integrated Intelligent Robot for Automated Assembly
* Object-Based Representation for Multisensory Robotic Perception, An
* Perceptual Organization Using Interestingness
* Planning Flight Paths in Dynamic Situations with Incomplete Knowledge
* Process-Grammar For Representing Shape, A
* Production System Environment for Integrating Knowledge with Vision Data, A
* Qualitative Approach to Robot Exploration and Map-Learning, A
* Recovery of Superquadrics from Depth Information
* Resolving the Orientation and Identity of an Object from Range Data
* Searching for Information
* Sensor Models and Multisensor Integration
* Sensory Input System for Autonomous Mobile Robots, A
* Shape Determination from Incomplete and Noisy Multisensor Imagery
* Spatial Reasoning Using an Object-Oriented Spatial DBMS
* Spatial Reasoning, Sensor Repositioning and Disambiguation in 3D Model Based Recognition
* Static and Dynamic Logical Modelling of Mechanical Assembly Processes in a Simplified Geometrical Environment
* Terrain Analysis For Tactical Situation Assessment
* Visual Memory Structure for a Mobile Robot
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