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SMVP04 * *Statistical Methods in Video Processing
* Background Maintenance Model in the Spatial-Range Domain, A
* Combining Simple Models to Approximate Complex Dynamics
* Crowd Segmentation Through Emergent Labeling
* Factorization of Natural 4X4 Patch Distributions
* Framework for Foreground Detection in Complex Environments, A
* Geometric Structure of Degeneracy for Multi-body Motion Segmentation
* Mean-Shift Blob Tracking with Kernel-Color Distribution Estimate and Adaptive Model Update Criterion
* Multi-Model Component-Based Tracking Using Robust Information Fusion
* New Robust Technique for Stabilizing Brightness Fluctuations in Image Sequences, A
* Novelty Detection in Image Sequences with Dynamic Background
* Online Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Learning for Video Applications
* Parametric and Non-parametric Methods for Linear Extraction
* Probabilistic Approach to Large Displacement Optical Flow and Occlusion Detection, A
* Probabilistic Tracking of the Soccer Ball
* Towards Complete Free-Form Reconstruction of Complex 3D Scenes from an Unordered Set of Uncalibrated Images
* Unbiased Errors-In-Variables Estimation Using Generalized Eigensystem Analysis
* Virtual Visual Hulls: Example-Based 3D Shape Inference from Silhouettes
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