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RAMBO16 * *Reconstruction, Segmentation, and Analysis of Medical Images
* 3D FractalNet: Dense Volumetric Segmentation for Cardiovascular MRI Volumes
* Automated Cardiovascular Segmentation in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease from 3D CMR Scans: Combining Multi-atlases and Level-Sets
* Automatic Heart and Vessel Segmentation Using Random Forests and a Local Phase Guided Level Set Method
* Automatic Whole-Heart Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease Using Deeply-Supervised 3D FCN
* Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks for Cardiovascular MR Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease
* Fully-Automatic Segmentation of Cardiac Images Using 3-D MRF Model Optimization and Substructures Tracking
* GPU Based Diffusion Method for Whole-Heart and Great Vessel Segmentation, A
* Graph-Based 3D-Ultrasound Reconstruction of the Liver in the Presence of Respiratory Motion
* Incompressible Phase Registration for Motion Estimation from Tagged Magnetic Resonance Images
* Motion Correction Using Subpixel Image Registration
* Motion Estimated-Compensated Reconstruction with Preserved-Features in Free-Breathing Cardiac MRI
* Point-Spread-Function-Aware Slice-to-Volume Registration: Application to Upper Abdominal MRI Super-Resolution
* Recurrent Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-slice MRI Cardiac Segmentation
* Robust Reconstruction of Accelerated Perfusion MRI Using Local and Nonlocal Constraints
* Strengths and Pitfalls of Whole-Heart Atlas-Based Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease Patients
* Total Variation Random Forest: Fully Automatic MRI Segmentation in Congenital Heart Diseases
* Whole-Heart Single Breath-Hold Cardiac Cine: A Robust Motion-Compensated Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Method
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RAMBO17 * *Reconstruction, Segmentation, and Analysis of Medical Images
* Context-Sensitive Super-Resolution for Fast Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* CoronARe: A Coronary Artery Reconstruction Challenge
* Dynamic Respiratory Motion Estimation Using Patch-Based Kernel-PCA Priors for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
* Efficient Multi-resolution Reconstruction Scheme with Motion Compensation for 5D Free-Breathing Whole-Heart MRI, An
* Freehand Ultrasound Image Simulation with Spatially-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Networks
* Mass Transportation for Deformable Image Registration with Application to Lung CT
* Motion-Robust Spatially Constrained Parameter Estimation in Renal Diffusion-Weighted MRI by 3D Motion Tracking and Correction of Sequential Slices
* Reconstruction of 3D Cardiac MR Images from 2D Slices Using Directional Total Variation
* Semi-automatic Cardiac and Respiratory Gated MRI for Cardiac Assessment During Exercise
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