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PlantType14 * *Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping
* 3-D Histogram-Based Segmentation and Leaf Detection for Rosette Plants
* 3D Multimodal Simulation of Image Acquisition by X-Ray and MRI for Validation of Seedling Measurements with Segmentation Algorithms
* 3D Plant Modeling: Localization, Mapping and Segmentation for Plant Phenotyping Using a Single Hand-held Camera
* Crop/Weed Field Image Dataset for the Evaluation of Computer Vision Based Precision Agriculture Tasks, A
* Distortion Correction in 3D-Modeling of Root Systems for Plant Phenotyping
* Generation and Application of Hyperspectral 3D Plant Models
* High-Resolution Plant Shape Measurements from Multi-view Stereo Reconstruction
* Hybrid Consensus Learning for Legume Species and Cultivars Classification
* Image-Based Phenotyping of the Mature Arabidopsis Shoot System
* Model-Based Approach to Recovering the Structure of a Plant from Images, A
* Representing Roots on the Basis of Reeb Graphs in Plant Phenotyping
* Surface Reconstruction of Plant Shoots from Multiple Views
* Texture-Based Leaf Identification
* Visual Object Tracking for the Extraction of Multiple Interacting Plant Root Systems
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